I won £70 million on the lottery – I was totally shocked at what happens when you win big, I had no idea | The Sun

A WOMAN has claimed that she won £70 million on the EuroMillions lottery. 

Posting on TikTok under the username Elle Bell (@ellebell820), Elle claimed that she recently won the lottery and has been sorting out her hefty win.

Elle explained that she hasn’t reacted how she predicted she would since her win, and instead of fancy shopping trips in London, she has been at home planning what to do with her cash.

But Elle explained that she was left totally shocked at what happens when you win big, as she had no idea that her huge win couldn’t be paid into her normal bank account. 

Opening up about her win, she said: “So I haven’t told anybody this and I’ve kept it a secret from my family, but I won the EuroMillions guys.

“I won the EuroMillions a month ago and I’ve been trying to sort it out, have a plan.

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“Life’s different now, it’s not renting anymore, I’m looking for a mortgage.

“It’s just crazy, I thought I would tell my family, be doing meals, Selfridge’s, but I’ve held it down, I’ve been here at the house, we've not done too much spending.”

Elle then explained that she was told that her money would have to be paid into a bank called Coutts & Co, which is what is recommended by The National Lottery.

She continued: “I haven’t got the big bulk of it yet, it has to go to [another] bank. I can’t even use my Barclays bank, forget my Monzo, I can’t use any high-street bank.

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“I’ve had to have a financial person sort it out, it’s crazy.

“Even though I’ve won the lottery, I was phoning places saying ‘can I rent this?’, but just because you’re a millionaire now, doesn’t mean you can just buy. They’re like ‘no, you still need a work history.’ 

“I’m like, ‘I’ve got £70 million, what are you talking about?’ I’m a millionaire and I’m still having to rent, it’s crazy.

“My son’s going to go to private school.

“I would like this £70 million to last a few generations so I think I’ll get a second-hand Audi Q7.

“Family now, don’t ask me no questions, I’ve changed my number.

“I don’t want to find any cousins I didn’t know before. 

“Life is good though, I’m so blessed.” 

Elle’s clip has clearly shocked many, as it has quickly gone viral and has amassed 1.1million views.

It has 55.4k likes, 2,902 comments and 760 shares. 

Social media users were eager to share their advice for Elle in the comments. 

One person said: “Please be careful telling everyone like this.” 

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Another added: “Love when money doesn’t change someone.” 

A third commented: “Do not and I repeat, do not waste the money. Get a house sorted, and live off the rest for life.”

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