'I’d rather have a man with a brain than a six-pack', says Georgia Toffolo as she discusses her steamy new book

GEORGIA TOFFOLO is on a mission to get lockdown-weary Britain bonking again – inspired by her erotic fiction.

The former Made In Chelsea star and 2017 winner of I’m A Celebrity is devouring raunchy novels and hopes her second Mills & Boon book, Meet Me In Hawaii, will get the nation fired up for holiday romance when trips are allowed.

The posh jungle queen, known to fans as Toff, says: “We’ve had a year of no social contact and lots of people probably haven’t been having much sex, so I hope reading my book might bring a bit of fun back into the bedroom.

“In the last year more romance novels have been sold than ever. I do wonder if it’s because of the pandemic or if we are all just yearning for escapism and that loved-up feeling. The past 12 months have been unsettling and stressful. Our lives have been turned upside down.

“I’m really glad people are turning to literature because it gives you such a wonderful respite from whatever is going on in your life.”

Toff could be on to something. A recent study revealed almost HALF of women have read romantic or erotic literature over the last year.

In fact, a fifth would rather do that than watch a sexy film or pornography, research by insights agency Perspectus Global found.

Toff, who rose to fame on E4 reality TV show Made In Chelsea before triumphing on I’m A Celeb, then became a Sunday Times bestseller when she unleashed her first romantic novel, Meet Me In London, last year.

‘Great sex and sun’

She hopes her latest book, which comes out on Thursday and is based on a holiday romance, will help inspire holidaygoers to find love now that the Government has announced its route out of lockdown.

Speaking from her London home, she says: “There’s something magical about being in love with someone when you are away from home. But my experience with holiday romances is that when the holiday ends, so does the relationship and I end up in the bin.

“Yet Malie, my book’s main character, may have better luck in nailing down her holiday romance, which doesn’t happen very often. The book is jam-packed with fun. There is great sex and lots of feelgood sunshine — the perfect formula for escapism.”

But it is not just young stallions who get Toff going. The blonde bombshell — who once described Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg as a “sex god” — reveals she fantasises about middle-aged men and thinks 60-year-old actor Colin Firth, of Pride and Prejudice Mr Darcy fame, is sexier than any younger guy.

She says: “I love him. Whereas most of my girlfriends like young, hot and gym-toned bods, that’s not really my thing. I love intelligence. It is immensely sexy to be clever and far better than a six-pack.

“Also, kindness in a man makes up for physical shortcomings. I don’t really care about height and things like that. Intelligence, kindness and a sense of humour are the clinchers. I am a bit of an old soul trapped in a young body and guys with life experience keep me interested. I have always been the same.


HERE are Toff’s top five tips for a holiday romance, once lockdown rules allow . . . 

  1. BE POSITIVE: Have you ever noticed how attractive someone is when they have a positive outlook on life? The energy we send out attracts the sort of person we want to meet. Make sure you are optimistic and you will attract a real catch.
  2. HOLIDAY SOMEWHERE HOT: There is a reason Meet Me In Hawaii is set somewhere beautiful and exciting. Sea, sun and cocktails help to create an inviting atmosphere. What is more, a recent study revealed the likeliest locations for a holiday romance are Italy, Spain, Greece and France. Bon voyage!
  3. DO NOT LEAVE PALS STRANDED: All of my books focus on the importance of friendships, too. If you are on holiday with your pal, try to go on double dates so no one gets left behind. It is never cool to leave your friends, no matter how hot your holiday romance may be.
  4. HOLIDAY PREP: I love a bit of pampering and always have my nails, hair and a wax done before a holiday. I also love bikini shopping, to find something flattering and fun for the trip. If you are feeling a bit self-conscious, don’t be. Find a swimming costume that makes you feel good. But try not to get hung up on body issues. Confidence is the biggest turn-on and I, for one, prefer brains over a six-pack.
  5. FLIRT YOUR SOCKS OFF: I am not the best flirt in the world – I usually end up saying the wrong thing – but time is of the essence when you are on vacation. You do not have lots of time to play it cool so find excuses to speak to the person you like. What is the worst that can happen? Chances are, you will never see them again anyway, as they live on the other side of the world.

“But even though I fancy all these middle-aged men, I have never been out with a chap who is older than 30, so maybe the older-guy attraction is just a fantasy in my mind.” Toff — who is good pals with Stanley Johnson (Boris’ dad) and in 2019 partnered him on reality game show Celebrity Hunted, in aid of the charity Stand Up to Cancer — would love to feature an age-gap romance in a future novel.

She says: “It would be wonderful. Most of my friends are way, way older than me and I feel as though I am so lucky to have them because they have got amazing experiences and stories to tell.”

Toff — who has been dubbed “Boris in a bikini” because she is a young Tory — tells how it would have been a “travesty” not to have a steamy sex scene in her book, and how she wanted the lead female character to take charge in the bedroom. She says: “I really thought it was important that she should be in control of her sexuality.

“In my opening chapter, Malie, a surf instructor, saves Todd, a strapping man, from drowning. That was the tone I set from the beginning. Mills & Boon is built for the modern woman and Malie is like me — she is small but mighty and can do things men can’t. And that was really important for me to get across throughout the book.”

Toff was in “fits of giggles”, though, when she recorded the book’s sex scene for the audio version. She says: “I was in the studio and I looked up and caught this chap opposite looking at me. I was blushing and giggling. But sex scenes are hard to get right. I’m a huge Jilly Cooper fan and I didn’t want it to be cringy.”

Toff tells how she grew up in Torquay and devoured romantic fiction as a teenager. While most of her friends fancied boy band members, her unlikely pin-up of choice was the fictional character Rupert Campbell-Black from Jilly Cooper’s romantic-fiction series Riders.

‘Awful, naughty man’

She says: “When I was a teenager I used to read Riders, front to back then all over again. I have always loved Jilly’s writing style. Four years ago, I was walking into Cheltenham races with my mum and spotted her.

"Jilly looked at me and I waved at her. I must say, out of all the celebrity experiences I have ever had, that was the most star-struck moment. Rupert Campbell-Black has been my pin-up since I was 14. He is the most awful, naughty man, but something about him is just so irresistible.”

Despite the pandemic, Toff has been in a happy relationship, but she wants to keep it out of the public eye. She says: “I am very happy in my personal life and perhaps that spills over in my writing. But sometimes it is nice to keep just a little bit back and a little bit private.”

Toff also tells how she has learnt to deal with social-media trolls, by just facing them down “head-on”. She says: “I struggled for years with my acne and used to get trolled about it, but that stopped after I owned it. I said, ‘Yes, I have acne, now please stop trolling me’. And it seemed to stop. Now social media is a joy.”

While she loved being in I’m A Celeb, she has no plans to do any more reality TV. She laughs: “I can’t dance, can’t sing, can’t skate, so I’m not sure what talents I can harness for TV shows — but I still love doing TV.”

One thing is for sure, though — Toff’s writing career is going from strength to strength, with third book Meet Me In Tahiti due out later this year. But where does she find all the inspiration to keep writing these passion-fuelled tales?

She says: “I keep a little note on my phone, with really random silly ideas inspired by everyday events and my friends. Lots of my characters have things about them from people I know and love.

“Maybe everyone should be watching out now, in case I make them into a Mills & Boon hero. Mind you, my friends are all so egotistical, they would probably love it.”

We think Stanley Johnson would make a great heart-throb.

  • Meet Me In Hawaii, by Georgia Toffolo, is published on Thursday by Mills & Boon, in paperback, eBook and audiobook.

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