I'm 56 – I can still be sexy and rock trendy outfits even if I'm not in my 20s anymore, age is just a number | The Sun

BEAUTY is in the eye of the beholder, and age is just a number.

Those are two truths one influencer holds close, especially as she rocks trendy clothes well into her fifties.

Content creator and DIY expert Michelle Baratta-Detwiler (@bellabranchdiy) is 56, and loving every minute of it.

In a video, Baratta-Detwiler revealed the secret to her great attitude is a healthy dose of creativity, whether she's crafting or just getting dressed.

"Hi everyone," she said, greeting her viewers with her outfit already underway.

"I'm going to show you the way I dress when I want to be a little sexy, but not too 'sexy-sexy,'" Baratta-Detwiler said.

The outfit would not be "boobalicious sexy," but still playful and flirty, she told viewers.

"I like to wear some fitted pants, and I love these," the mom began. "They're faux leather. They make your butt look amazing."

Baratta-Detwiler tucked the edgy black pants into a pair of vintage J. Crew boots.

Then, it was time to focus on the top half of her body.

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"A velvet jacket, a denim shirt that I can leave open and wear like this," she listed, showing how she opened the button-down to show some of her skin.

Then, she pulled out a long, leopard-print scarf.

"I'm an accessory person. I always like to add accessories for texture and color," Baratta-Detwiler explained.

"So, I take a scarf and tuck it inside so it kind of hangs out the bottom," she said.

She draped it around her neck, underneath the velvet jacket, and lifted the collar of the denim shirt up to tuck the scarf in place.

"We're good to go," she said, giving her sexy look the final stamp of approval.

Baratta-Detwiler ended with a message for her viewers.

"For all my ladies out there who are over 50 like me, just remember. Age is just a number," she said.

"We can all be sexy," she added. "We may not be in our twenties anymore, but we can still rock it."

Commenters agreed, with many chiming in to say they "loved her style."

A few were skeptical that the influencer was really 56-years-old.

"Come on, over 50? Really?" said one skeptic. "Someone's a lucky fella!"

One admirer had the content creator's style perfectly pegged.

"It's giving cute and sassy chick rocking out to something cool and old school at the Hollywood Bowl," she wrote.

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