I’m a beauty guru and have the easiest hack to tame the frizz after blow drying your hair, it only takes seconds | The Sun

A CLEVER beauty whizz has shared the way she manages her frizz after drying her tresses following a shower. 

Maggie, who describes herself as someone who “likes makeup”, took to her TikTok account to share her hack.

“Do you guys ever blow dry your hair and then it looks a bit like this?” she said. “Like it still looks pretty frizzy on the top and you don’t know why.” 

Maggie explained that she’s already done the trick on one side of her hair. Pointing at this section, viewers could see her tresses looking smooth from top to bottom. 

“I want to show you how to do it on the other side,” she continued. “Because I think it’s a really simple and easy way to just quickly get rid of frizz after you blow dried your hair.” 

Maggie said that this trick isn’t new and that she’d most likely found it through the social media platform. 


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“But I’ve been doing it recently and it works really well,” she said. “So all you need is a hairspray and then one of these hard bristle brushes.”

She then sprayed some of the hairspray onto the brush before combing through her mane, smoothing the frizz down. 

“Look, the frizz is gone. It’s literally gone,” she said, adding: “I know that was literally the most simple thing ever but hopefully it comes in handy if you ever have frizzy hair again.” 

Viewers were quick to comment under the post as one person wrote: “Must try this, I have naturally frizzy wavy hair and I’m using too much oil”. 

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Another said: “I muuuust try this!! I never blow dry my hair unless I’m desperate because the frizz and flyaways just go mad with my thick hair. Thank you”. 

While a third suggested: “It also helps to use the cold air on the hairdryer as it closes your cuticles”. 

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