I'm a dentist and this is the horrifying reason why you should never chew ice

A PROFESSIONAL dentist explained exactly why you should never chew ice cubes that are left in the bottom of the glass with a very graphic video.

The TikTok tooth expert explained that you can crack your teeth if you insist on crunching on the frozen water.

The Teeth Doc showed a horrifying video of the damage one person had done to their teeth through the dangerous act.

He uploaded the short clip with the caption: "Don’t chew ice guys!"

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In the video he shows a set of badly damaged teeth and use a utensil to show that one was completely broken.

People were shocked by the grotty results but many were skeptical about whether or not ice caused the damage.

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One person said: "I chew ice every day and I got purely white all strait never had braces so she chewing on rocks."

Another said: "You sure she’s chewing ice?"

And a third said: "No. That's not from ice."

But others said that they had experienced the same after chewing on ice.

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One person said: "Yup this just happened to me. My tooth are cracking cuz of ice."

Another said: "Oh so thats how I broke a tooth when younger and am now waiting till it falls out since the other half fell out."

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