I'm a Georgia peach – I'm told to act more like a lady, but what they call a 'red flag' I call a good time | The Sun

A SOUTHERN woman has shut down the haters who disapprove of her outdoorsy lifestyle.

She likes drinking beer and shooting a bow and arrow, even if others don’t think that’s what she’s “supposed” to be doing.

A self-proclaimed Georgia peach now living in North Carolina, Abigail Miller (@abigail_miller919) spends most of her time outside in the fresh air.

Between her career in construction and her penchant for hunting, the 25-year-old country girl doesn’t necessarily fit the stereotypical female mold – and she’s proud of that.

In one video, she said she has another hobby that men often criticize: how much she likes to drink.

Posing in fitted jeans and a low-cut shirt that flaunted her cleavage , she revealed what the haters tell her: “Stop drinking like a grown man and start acting more ladylike.”

Singing along to the country tune in the background, she mouthed the words: “I don’t need the laws of man to tell me what I ought to do.”

To brush off the criticism further, she captioned the clip with a beer emoji and the words: “You call it a red flag… I call it having a good time!”

Abigail’s alcohol consumption, however, isn’t the only thing men call her out for.

In another video, she revealed how men react to her love of hunting.

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Besides being told that she doesn't "look like [she] hunts," men also find fault in her form with a bow and arrow, saying, "You're doing it wrong."

She’s also been told, "Women don't belong in the woods," and that she intimidates the guys around her.

Luckily, viewers in the comments had her back.

"Whoever the hell said that is an idiot. Everyone belongs in the woods!" wrote one.

Another follower said: "Those are the words of the insecure for sure lol…Keep doing your thing."

"She is a keeper," commented a third person.

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