I’m a money saving mum and here’s what you should buy in bulk to save cash – not everything is worth it | The Sun

BUYING things in bulk can help cut the cost of your shopping bill, but only if you do it right.

According to one savvy mum there are some items that aren't worth stocking up on.

Gina Zakaria took to TikTok to reveal the things that work out cheaper and what will end up being a complete waste of money.

The money saving mum shared some of the things she'd buy if she had to start in her kitchen from scratch.

She said: Rice is one of my favourite things to get in bulk because it lasts forever."

When shopping the main two things to consider are how much of the item you use and how long it will last.

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Although buying a vat of pasta sauce might seem like a great deal, if you're family doesn't eat much pasta sauce, the chances are you wont finish it before the use by date so it might work out more expensive.

"Cooking oils don't last forever but I tend to use a lot so I always buy them from Costco," Gina explained.

One of the main things that Gina recommended buying in bulk is cheese, although she suggested that keen money savers should avoid buying grated cheese.

"I always go for the block cheese because it's the best deal and because it tastes better," she said.

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And if your kids go through a lot of toast in the mornings, consider buying your butter in bulk too.

Gina explained that unless it's on offer at the supermarket it generally works out cheaper to buy in bulk from shops like Costco.

The main two things the mum doesn't bother buying in bulk is cereal and anything from the fresh produce section, since they'll go off before they're used.

Viewers agreed that not everything is worth stocking up on, one said:Bulk can be a good deal if it's the only brand you're willing to buy."

Another said: "Coffee is by far my biggest saving."

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