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A MUM-OF-TEN has revealed that all of her children sleep on the floor in their three-bedroom home. 

Taina Licciardo-Toivola’s reasons are both to preserve space in the house and for health benefits. 

The 45-year-old has spent the last 24 years raising a big brood with husband Paul, adopting a number of unique practices along the way. 

Among these is always wearing matching white T-shirts and jeans with her kids, sharing a breast pump with her oldest daughter and homeschooling.

The children are named Leonardo, 24, Cleopatra, 23, Jerusalem, 21, Romeo, 19, D'Artagnan, 15, Shakespeare, 12, Nefertiti, eight, KingJames, seven, Aphrodite, six, and Omega, five.

Now, the Finnish-Australian mum has divulged that everyone sleeps on the floor in their house. 

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There are no set bedrooms, except for Cleopatra and her one-year-old daughter Sacagawea who have their own separate space. 

In a YouTube video, the new mum gave a tour of her room and explained why the family choose to sleep on the floor.

“When your back is stabilised and everything is aligned, your muscles can relax,” Cleopatra said.

“On the floor, your hips, spine and back are all aligned. 

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“When I was 16, I used to have a mattress but I asked my mum if I could get rid of it and get a futon. And that’s how I’ve slept for seven years.”

She dubbed it “one of the best choices of her life”.

A futon is a floor mattress or sofa that is designed for sleeping and is thinner than a traditional mattress. 

The four older boys sleep on the floor in the family's music and dance room – and for them, sleeping on futons is all about preserving space.

“If we had bunk beds in here, how would I be able to do a windmill, flare and all those things?” break dancer Romeo said. “How would I be able to practise?”

“So I can just pack these up and put them in the cupboard.”

Parents Taina and Paul share a room with their youngest four children and the family fold up their futons and place them in a cupboard every morning. 

They are bothered by people’s thoughts on their choices as they are focused on living a healthier lifestyle than most. 

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The family are all vegan and spend a large portion of their time outside.

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