I’m a perfume addict – what your scents say about your personality & the best high street perfumes to make him go crazy

VALENTINE'S DAY is soon approaching, which means we're all thinking of impress that special person in our lives.

Whether you have a significant other in your life or are hoping to catch the eye of one guy in particular, scent plays a huge factor in our overall appearance and how others perceive us.

That's why we spoke to perfume-obsessed Saphran, to find out the best perfumes to make him go crazy and what they say about you.

Saphran has been obsessed with perfume ever since she was a little girl, once she started making her own money, she has spend hundreds, if not thousand's of pounds on different scents finding the perfect one.

She said that men often love sweet, food scents on women, and vanilla often comes top of the polls for it's warm sweet aroma, which is thought to act as an aphrodisiac.

So if you're on the look out for a new perfume to catch his eye without breaking the bank, Saphran has rounded up her top five high street perfumes which all retail for less than £30.

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Gardenia – Zara

Gardenia by Zara, prices start at 12.99Credit: ZARA

This perfume from the popular high street retailer features top notes of coffee, orange blossom and peach, Saphran adds it makes a great dupe for the famous YSL Black Opium perfume for a fraction of the price.

She added: "It has a seductive, deep coffee scent that men absolutely go crazy for.

"It's a very bold perfume, if you have a shy personality this isn't the one for you.

"The kind of woman who wears this scent is really confident in herself and she knows how to strut her stuff."

This is the perfect scent for a date night out at a fancy restaurant as it projects confidence.

Cheirosa '71 – Sol de Janerio

The Brazilian brand Sol de Janeiro are famous for their incredible gourmand foodie scents, which Saphran says men particularly like on women.

Notes of caramelised vanilla, sea salt, toasted macadamia nut, white chocolate and coconut blossom blend together in the body mist, Cheirosa '71, so you smell good enough to eat.

She said: "This smells like fresh buttery popcorn, this is like a love potion to men who won't be able to stop sniffing you."

This perfume is for the kind of girl who's always giggling and happy to go with the flow.

Think cuddling up with your man watching a romcom together whilst he nuzzles into your neck.

"They say the way to a mans' heart is food, and this will certainly do the trick." She added.

Punk Bouquet – & Other Stories

H&M's classier older sister never fails to disappoint and this perfume is no exception.

Punk Bouquet features fresh top notes of Almond, Tangerine and Green Apple and are complimented by warm and sweet vanilla and Tonka bean.

Saphran explained this also has a food-like scent however it is not as gourmand as Cheirosa '71.

She said: "The crisp apple top note is great for catching the attention of a man, whilst the creamy almond notes and warm Tonka bean softens the impact.

"It's like a Turkish delight, sweet but not overpowering.

"This is the perfect scent for someone who considers themselves to be shy or introverted, it's very delicate and soft like a cashmere jumper."

This scent would work great for a coffee shop date or for a long scenic hike.

Rose Gourmand – Zara

Another perfume from the high street cult favourite has made it on Saphran's list, not only does she love the price but she also says the staying power is incredible.

This perfume features notes of rose, dry amber and vanilla, it gained huge popularity on TikTok last year with many people comparing it to the pricier perfume, Intense Café by Montale.

Refreshing rose is sweetened by vanilla and the dry amber creates a slight hint of musk making a cosy , soft aroma says Saphran.

Rose Gourmand is for the kind of girl who would rather stay at home than go on a big night out, she's the girl-next-door-type, approachable and dependable.

She added: "The warmth of the vanilla paired with the hint of musk from dry amber smells like a cuddle in a bottle.

"And that's what this perfume does, it invites him to come and cuddling with you."

Wonderland Peony – Floral Street

The UK owned company not only focuses on being sustainable but also cruelty free, Wonderland Peony features a mixture of fruity and floral scents so that you don't end up smelling like your grandma.

Saphran says the cotton candy and berry notes add a real juiciness to this perfume and balance out the fresh floral aroma of the peonies.

She adds: "This is a carefree, fun perfume, it's juicy sweet scent is a real head turner and the cotton candy notes will remind you of a fun fair."

This for the kind of girl who loves adventure and will show him that you're the life and soul of the party.

It's the perfect fragrance to wear if your date involves some sort of fun activity together, like trying a new hobby or going to a carnival.

Saphran adds that since the weather is cold, now is the perfect time to wear perfumes which feature warm sweet scents like vanilla or Tonka bean, and suggests to be careful with overpowering floral or musky scents as this can remind men of their grandma.

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