I'm a tattoo artist and here’s what I REALLY mean when I say I'm fully-booked and why I refuse certain designs | The Sun

IF you have ever had a tattoo done before, you’ll want to listen up. 

A tattoo artist has revealed what artists really mean when they say certain things to customers.

It turns out that your tattoo artist may actually mean something very different to what you might think they mean.

The tattoo whizz, known on TikTok as Keeks and Kooks, has 338.9k followers and 10.1million likes on the video sharing platform.

In one of her recent videos, she debunked some common things that tattoo artists say and revealed the real meanings. 

She said: “Tattoo Artist Translation – what tattoo artists say, versus what they mean".

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According to this artist, one thing that they say is: “I think it looks better this way, but it's your tattoo and at the end of the day, I want you to like what we put on you”, but what they really mean by this is “I think this is a bad design, but you seem to really enjoy it and I’m not trying to steal your joy and if it makes you more confident then that’s all I want”.

If you have ever had a tattoo done before and the artist said: “Alright, this part is really important, hold super still for me”, then prepare to be attacked.

This artist revealed that what they are really thinking when they say this, is: “You’ve been sitting about as still as a 10-year-old on a sugar high and this part is really important so please hold still for me right now”.

If you take a partner with you when getting a tattoo and have ever had an artist state: “If your boyfriend wants, he can come take a seat, he doesn’t have to stand there and be uncomfortable”.

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But this artist revealed that this actually means: “Your boyfriend has been standing over me for the past hour making weird comments and if he doesn’t sit down and be quiet, he’s going to be kicked out”.

If you’re a fan of tattoos that look extremely realistic, this tattoo artist has revealed what she means when she says: “That’s a realism piece and I don’t really have experience with realism, it's not really my strong suit, it’s not something I can confidently guarantee you will translate to what you want”.

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The artist confirmed that by this, she really means: “ don’t know how to do that and make it look good and if I try, I’ll screw it up and you’re going to get mad so I’m not going to do it”.

The final thing that the artist translated was when she says to a customer that she is fully-booked.

She revealed that if she says: “I’m sorry dude, I’m not going to be able to tattoo you any time soon, I’m booked out for the next eight months” this could have two possibilities.

She said possibility one means: “I really am booked out for the next eight months, I really am sorry but I’m not going to be able to fit you in anytime soon”.

However, according to her, possibility two translates to: “You’re the worst, I hate tattooing you, you know what you did and I’m trying to get you to go to another artist”.

Her video has clearly impressed many, as it has quickly racked up a whopping 328.7k views.

It has 84.4k likes, 235 comments and 220 shares.

Other tattoo artists could relate and many found her video hilarious, which they expressed in the comments.


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One person said: “For the few tattoos I have, I’m so glad none of this was said to me”. 

Another added: “100% agree!!!” 

A third commented: “This is amazing”. 

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Someone else posted: “Looking into getting my first tattoo. Thanks for the tips”. 

One tattoo artist noted: “Omg true”.  

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