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AN INTERIOR designer has taken to social media to reveal the five things that he would never do in his home.

According to Kreiss, an American interior whizz, based in Los Angeles, who posts on TikTok under the username @kreissdesign, he would never own a recliner chair, an Italian sofa or fake plants.

So prepare to be attacked, as Kreiss spoke about the interior trends that he thinks are “ugly” and “ridiculous.” 

He said: “Here are five things I would never do as an interior designer.”

The first thing that Kreiss wouldn’t do is buy furniture that comes with a home, as he explained: “I would never buy staging furniture.

“It can be tempting when you’re buying or renting a home to buy the staging furniture that comes with a house, but don’t do it.

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“It can be cheap and ugly and used.”

As well as this, he noted that he wouldn’t own a recliner chair, as he added: “I would never buy a recliner [chair].

“Sure they can be comfortable but they look ridiculous.

“Try a nice comfortable lounge chair with an Ottoman instead.”

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Not only this, but he also claimed that he wouldn’t invest in an Italian sofa, as he revealed: “On the flip side of that, I would never buy a low to the ground Italian sofa.

“They may look good but they’re not really functional and never comfortable.”

Kreiss also explained that he wouldn’t have fake plants in his home, as he continued: “I would never use fake plants.

“They might be tempting because they’re low maintenance, but they never look good.”

Finally, this interior whizz said that he prefers to keep his home decor simple, as he stated: “Never use bold patterns and colours if you don’t have experience working with them.

“A lot of really talented designers can make it look easy but trust me, it’s not.” 

The video has clearly shocked many, as it has quickly amassed 264.8k views. 

It has 8,676 likes, 365 comments and 157 shares.

However, social media users were left divided at the man’s claims – while some agreed, others weren’t so keen on following his advice.

One user posted: “Great advice.”

Whilst a second chimed in: “Oh how I agree. Thank you!” 

Meanwhile, someone else noted: “I agree with all of these opinions.” 

However, another person disagreed and said: “Disagree with recliners. Some are lovely.” 

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One fan of fake plants added: “Oh sorry artificial plants are perfect for me.” 

Whilst a third commented: “Sorry but Italian sofas are the best quality in the world.”

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