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AN INTERIOR designer has revealed that there’s a trendy fabric that you must ditch immediately.

While boucle might’ve been a cool trend in 2022, according to this home expert, it’s totally over-used now.

According to Kreiss, an American interior whizz, based in Los Angeles, who posts on TikTok under the username @kreissdesign, the boucle material, found in many celebrities’ homes, including Molly-Mae Hague, is very overdone.

But don’t worry if you’re a fan of the trend, as this interior whizz has suggested that there are some similar but more stylish alternatives that you should opt for instead. 

Kreiss shared a clip to the social media app with the caption ‘Avoid this overused fabric! Here’s what to use instead.’

He said: “Please avoid this overused fabric that was super trendy in 2022 – chunky boucle.

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“We're seeing it everywhere now, and it's time for it to go away.

“Now, don't get me wrong, I love boucle.

“We've been using it and developing it for decades.

“But not every boucle needs to be a generic chunky one.

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“There are many varieties that are textured, more subtle, and way more original.

“Here are five for you to take a look at.”

The alternatives that Kreiss suggests to use instead are similar, but slightly more unique.

He advises opting for boucle cream, trestles white, dume malt, couscous porcelain and lucien bone. 

The clip has clearly shocked many, as it has quickly amassed 31,000 views.

It has 853 likes, 56 comments and 40 shares.

But social media users were left divided at Kreiss’ claims – while some agreed with him, others revealed their love for boucle in the comments. 

One person said: “Nooooooo neverrrrrrrrr.” 

Another added: “Thank you, subtle is best!” 

A third commented: “I have never and will never have boucle anywhere in my life.” 

Someone else noted: “I really hate that texture. I don’t understand the trend… I find it tacky.” 

Whilst another user posted: “Looks so cheap mass produced.”

At the same time, another interior whizz claimed: “It’s not going anywhere! Our clients love it!” to which Kreiss replied “It’s going, going, gooooooone!!!!”

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