I’ve got second degree burns that people think is a tattoo of a waffle after leaning on a heater for a few seconds

A WOMAN who has been left with second degree burns on her thighs is constantly asked whether or not they are waffle tattoos.

Kadz took to TikTok to share a video showing the large grated scars on the back of her legs.

"Me asking my doctors if my burns will scar," she wrote in the video, before answering, "Yeah".

"That looks so painful," one person commented on the video, while Kadz replied, "It is."

Another asked how she was left with the scars, to which she answered: "Rested on a heater for a few seconds to put my shoes on now I have second degree burns n can’t sit or walk without having a break every 30 secs."

In another video, Kadz showed how the scars were healing, as she explained that the "nurse said that I don’t need to put another dressing on it but it still looks like this".

"Grilled cheese girl," one person wrote, while another commented, "Waffle".

Others were quick to reassure Kadz that the scars actually look "cool", with one writing: "I don't know, I think it looks cool, and you can always get a tattoo cover up if you fancy."

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"That looks kinda cool," someone else added.

Some other commenters shared their own similar burn stories.

"I have a similar burn scar on my thigh which I got from a radiator also !" one person wrote.

"I've had the scar for about a year and it's faded quite a bit, so don't worry!!"

Another added: "When I was 16 I did this on a radiator, got it tattooed over a year later. I couldn't wear tights forever."

Others shared their suggestions for burn healing ointments, with Bio Oil, Vaseline and witch hazel among the most frequently mentioned.

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