Jennifer Lawrence Wore the Controversial $18 Shoe Trend From Amazon Everyone Loves to Hate

The year of the celebrity baby is apparently never-ending, and the latest is Jennifer Lawrence. The actor just announced that she is pregnant, but perhaps even more thrilling than the impending arrival of another famous baby is the outfit Lawrence wore in New York after the announcement, which was captured in photographs by the Daily Mail.

Lawrence wore a Leset T-shirt, Zara floral overalls, the popular Dior mini Bobby bag, and Melissa glitter jelly sandals. Yes, you heard right. The controversial $18 trend Blake Lively has also worn seems to be picking up speed. Y2K enthusiasts everywhere must be thrilled. Jelly sandal naysayers, on the other hand, are likely shocked and appalled.

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Jelly sandals have a bit of a reputation as being a favorite style amongst middle schoolers who don't fully understand the pain of blisters. But since Lively and Lawrence have worn jelly sandals in recent weeks, something might be changing. Perhaps the jelly sandals of 2021 are more comfortable than those from our '90s memories. They're certainly more durable than most pairs of shoes we own, and are able to withstand the elements of extreme weather better than more expensive, albeit conventional, styles.

Also, considering you can easily acquire a pair on Amazon for just $18, the throwback trend is at least worth trying out. Lawrence's looks in the months that follow her pregnancy announcement are likely to focus on comfort, which means the Melissa possession sandal could be a repeat favorite.  There's no denying that they're cute, and add a playful unexpected element to her otherwise standar look. 

And as we head into fall, chunky loafers and socks will no doubt be the go-to look for the season, and they'll likely even be a clog or two. But jelly sandals worn with socks will definitely be ahead of the trend. It's not so unlikely that Lawrence, or Lively steps out in the look. So let the jelly sandal redemption begin. What could possibly go wrong? 

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