Keep cool with our 20 heat hacks – from freezing bedding to cold water bottles

WHY let daily life become a sweaty chore as the temperature soars?

Here, Clemmie Fieldsend shares 20 hacks to keep you cool in the blazing heat . . . 

1. Icy treats to catch the drips

Poke your lolly stick through a paper cupcake liner so it can catch the drips as your icy treat melts.

2. Make a sprinkler

Cut holes on the side of a plastic bottle and stick the neck of the bottle to a hose pipe with duct tape to make a sprinkler.

3. Aloe vera soothing

Fill ice cube trays with aloe vera gel and rub over burnt skin to soothe and cool.

4. Cool down with flannels

Cool down pets by laying a towel or flannel soaked in cold water on them.

5. DIY Air con system

Create your own air conditioning system by placing two frozen bottles in front of your fan.

6. Freeze your bedding

Freeze sheets before putting them on your bed for a cool night’s sleep.

7. Cool drinks in hand

Keep your drinks cold for longer by half filling the bottle and freezing on its side, before filling the rest.

8. DIY your kids' cool den

Make a cool den for kids by blowing cold air from a fan into a big sheet placed over a clothes airer.

9. Freeze wet wipes

Freeze a pack of wet wipes to make an ice pack for a day out, then use the wipes to clean up and cool down.

10. DIY your cool box

Make a cool box by covering bubble wrap with tinfoil, lining inside of cardboard box and filling with ice.

11. Cool down your room with sheets

Hang a wet sheet in front of an open window and the breeze will be cooled down before entering the room.

12. Make a cold water bottle

Fill a hot water bottle with cold water and freeze it. Place under knees when sleeping to keep cool.

13. DIY your water balloons

Cut sponges into strips, tie with elastic bands and soak in water, as an alternative to water balloons.

14. Make your own ice lolly

Make instant ice lollies by poking wooden lolly sticks through yogurt lids and then freezing them.

15. Create a drinks cooler from paddling pool

Kids out? Then turn their paddling pool into a makeshift drinks cooler by filling it with cold water and ice.

16. DIY your water slide

Create a water slide in the garden by taping bin liners together and splashing with washing up liquid.

17. Freeze your five a day

Get your five a day by freezing berries, strawberries and grapes, and adding to gin and tonic.

18. Cool down with cold beauty products

Keep sun cream and skincare products in the fridge to help cool you down when you need to apply them.

19. Strip off at night

Don’t sleep naked but do wear thin cotton pyjamas that let skin breathe and soak up excess sweat.

20. Cold feet no heat

Wet your socks in cold water before bed and they will keep your entire body cool through the night.

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