Melania Trump uses trick to ‘balance out’ Donald and help ‘win votes’ in election

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Melania Trump has been married to President Donald Trump for 15 years. She became the US First Lady when her husband was inaugurated in 2017.

When Melania and Donald first met in 1998, she was working as a model in New York.

The couple dated for nearly seven years before they tied the knot on January 22, 2005.

Nearly four years ago, Donald became the US President and Melania took on the role as the First Lady.

Since then, she has been seen supporting her husband and travelling with him for political events.

As the First Lady, she has also backed campaigns of her own and spoken on issues important to her.

Melania has notably promoted the Be Best initiative which focuses on the wellbeing of young people.

With Donald’s term coming to an end, the US election is set to take place on November 3.

Donald will go up against Democratic candidate Joe Biden in the bid for President.

Over the last few months, Melania has joined Donald on the campaign trail.

She even spoke in support of her husband while at the Republican party convention in August.

As well as showing her support by accompanying Donald during his campaign, she may have used a subtle trick to appeal to voters.

Speaking to, stylist Melita Latham suggested the First Lady has sent a message with her recent outfit choices.

The expert explained: “Donald still has one ace up his sleeve, Melania. Her impeccable presentation is without flaws.”

The mother-of-one will regularly model pieces from her designer wardrobe.

Her recent style may be trying to appeal to certain voters, Melita claimed.

She continued: “Seen recently in pinstriped business attire, she rocks even the most unflattering possibilities, unashamedly reaching out to middle-class working women everywhere.

“Her recent military-esque double belted jacket skirt combo is entirely tailored to winning the US military voters, their wives and extended family.

“This ensemble screams a vote for Trump is a vote for the military.”

She explained Melania acts as a counterbalance to her husband.

Melita added: “Further and without a shadow of doubt, Melania brings a level of balance to the couple.

“Melania adds a more than generous helping of style and class.”

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