Model who was ‘too hot’ for TikTok shows off daring underboob dress which totally divides opinion

A MODEL who was banned from TikTok for being ‘too hot’ has showed off her very divisive underboob dress.

Influencer Anna Paul, from the Gold Coast, Australia, wore the risque outfit to celebrate friend Mikaela Testa’s birthday over the weekend.

The halter-neck dress’s skimpy top showcased a generous amount of underboob with a skin-tight skirt that finished just about the knee.

Anna posted a photo and video of the outfit to Instagram where fans were quick to tell her how amazing she looked.

“You’re so hot queen,” one person wrote.

“This dress was MADE for you,” another commented.

Others applauded Anna for wearing the daring dress, with one person saying they would be “scared they’d fall out”.

“You’ve got more trust in this top than I have in men.,” one wrote.

“Stunning and you really do be trusting that top,” another commented.

Anna this month was forced to start a second TikTok account after her first one was “permanently banned” at 1.2 million followers.

She works as an adult content creator on OnlyFans where she earns money selling subscriptions to her X-rated content.

The influencer had a huge following on TikTok where she documented her day-to-day life in “innocent” 60-second vlogs every day.

Anna told earlier this month that the videos were designed to be “inspirational” and did not include explicit references to her job.

“It was a shock because I had never had a warning before, none of my videos have ever gone against community guidelines whatsoever,” she said.

Anna immediately contacted TikTok on Wednesday who initially restored her account but it was deleted for a second time on Thursday, with the social media star told it was “gone forever”.

“It is so weird, I don’t know what I’ve done,” Anna said.

TikTok confirmed to Anna’s account had been “permanently banned” with a spokesperson stating the platform has strict community guidelines around sexual content.

“Our Community Guidelines make it clear that we do not allow content that commits, promotes, or glorifies sexual solicitation or accounts that attempt to redirect traffic,” the spokesperson said.

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