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Listen to “Driveway Elegies” — stories of heartache and home.

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‘How do I update the image of home in my own mind?’

On “Driveway Elegies,” the first episode of the new Modern Love podcast, we hear from two women who examine their lives through the contents of their homes — the car in the driveway, the stained teacups, the razor and shaving cream by the sink.

Though easy to ignore, these everyday objects often tell a larger story.

This episode contains strong language.

Stories in today’s episode

Bye Bye ‘Family’ Minivan,” Kyrie Robinson
Kyrie lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her twin teenage boys. She is self-employed as a UX consultant.

Tracking the Demise of My Marriage on Google Maps,” Maggie Smith
When Maggie decided to look her house up on Google Maps shortly after the end of her nearly 19-year marriage, she was “trying to figure out what went wrong, and when, and how.” Maggie is from Ohio and has written several books, including “Good Bones” and the just-published work of nonfiction, “Keep Moving: Notes on Loss, Creativity, and Change.”

Hosted by: Daniel Jones and Miya Lee
Produced by: Kelly Prime and Hans Buetow
Edited by: Wendy Dorr
Music by: Dan Powell
Bye Bye ‘Family’ Minivan,” written and read by: Kyrie Robinson
Tracking the Demise of My Marriage on Google Maps,” Audm narration by: Orlagh Cassidy and produced by Ryan Wegner and Kelly Rogers
Executive Producer, NYT Audio: Lisa Tobin
Assistant Managing Editor, NYT: Sam Dolnick

Special thanks: Nora Keller, Mahima Chablani, Julia Simon, Laura Kim, Bonnie Wertheim, Anya Strzemien, Joanna Nikas and Choire Sicha. The cover of David Bowie’s “Modern Love” on ukulele is by Barbara Browning.

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