Molly-Mae Hague & Tommy Fury’s ‘traditional' relationship – from ‘his n her’ jobs to the boxer’s declarations of love

REWIND to last year and Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury were just days into one of Love Island’s most successful love stories.

She was the blonde bombshell scared of commitment and he was the burly blue-eyed boy who just longed to be loved.

Now, since finishing in second place behind Amber Gill and Greg O’Shea, the loved-up duo are the only two still standing from last summer’s series.

So what is the power couple’s stay-together secret and what does their relationship actually look like behind the scenes (and the stream of Insta-perfect pictures)?

Fabulous investigates…

She's his goddess

Last summer, during a bust-up in the Mallorcan villa after Tommy, 21, admitted that Maura Higgins had turned his head, fashionista Molly-Mae exploded, saying: ‘I want to have a boy in my life that literally worships the ground that I walk on.”

Now, it seems, she’s living her true love dream.

Last Christmas Day, Tommy drove for four hours from Manchester to Hertfordshire, from where Molly-Mae hails, to deliver her a Cartier Love ring, which she had spotted during a trip to New York.

Then on a Valentine’s break in London he filled their suite at the plush Mandarin Oriental Hotel with red balloons, ordered roses from designer florist Neill Strain and spelled out I Love You in petals on the bed.

More recently, in May, to mark Molly-Mae’s 21st birthday during lockdown, Tommy packed their luxury apartment with gigantic silver balloons, splashed out on a huge four-tier cake and treated her to gifts including another Cartier diamond ring worth £4,000, a white Pomeranian puppy called Mr Chai – who tragically and suddenly died a week later – plus a Louis Vuitton dog carrier.

He also created a sweet heart-shaped collage of photos from their first year together – blimey!

But Tommy – who reportedly dated Hollyoaks star Chelsee Healey – hasn’t apparently always been Mr Perfect.

Chemistry student Millie Roberts, who dated him for two years, last year accused Tommy of lying about his relationship history.

Although he told producers he had been single for almost a year by the start of the show, she claimed they split only three months before it began.

She also labelled her ex “controlling” and revealed how Tommy – half-brother of former world heavyweight champion Tyson – objected to her wearing revealing clothes and going out during their relationship.

Their 'traditional' home life

There’s no denying that Mancunian Tommy and Molly-Mae have a traditional take on romance.

While he takes care of – in his words – “big jobs” around their apartment, like setting up the TV and wifi he’s dubbed his girl "the most wifey-est wife of them all” because she does “all the cooking” and “always does the dishes”.

Tommy also revealed last year how Molly-Mae dutifully polished his dancing shoes during his three-part ITV2 series The Boxer And The Ballroom Dancer with twinkle-toed fellow Love Islander pal Curtis Pritchard.

Now that’s true love.

So a big white wedding is on the cards, right? Not according to Molly-Mae.

Although she’s confirmed Tommy is husband material, she recently denied an imminent proposal, saying: "Tommy would literally propose to me tomorrow if I would let him but I keep saying, 'No, let's just wait, let's just wait,' because I'm too young”.

She has, though, admitted to feeling broody, saying she “a thousand percent” wants children with her sports star beau.

”Tommy wants four kids," she revealed. "I'm not keen on that idea but two kids would be amazing.”

Her devotion

Love Island viewers previously branded Molly-Mae “fake” and questioned whether her feelings for Tommy were genuine – she was labelled “Money-Mae” by cruel trolls – but, look closely, and her adoration for Tommy was obvious from the start.

Just weeks after leaving Love Island, Molly-Mae invited Tommy to share her Manchester flat, a month later the pair snapped up their own luxury three-bedroom, four bathroom rented penthouse complete with sauna, near Manchester’s lively Northern Quarter.

She’s also his ultimate supporter. In December, Molly-Mae cheered on Tommy ringside as he fought – and defeated – Polish fighter Prezmyslaw Binienda.

It’s a joyful ending for our Mol. Two years before Love Island, she split from her teen sweetheart of three years Rory Shooter before, as she detailed in her pre-entrance interview, dating a string of guys via Instagram, including footballers.

“I’ve dated footballers, it’s all just superficial and on the surface,” said Molly, who was reportedly in a relationship with England and Leicester City midfielder, James Maddison.

And according to her close pal, fellow former Love Islander Kendall Rae Knight, her romance with Tommy has “definitely” restored her faith in men because – unlike past lovers – he  “treats her right”.

The declarations of love

“I’m a simple man so I don’t need much, except Molly,” gushed Tommy in one magazine interview and it’s the tip of the iceberg as far as sweet declarations of love go (check his Insta-feed for proof).

Adorably, Molly-Mae is equally keen on publicly bigging up her fella. "Tommy and I are perfect,” she said last year. “He's such a caring and kind person,” Ahhh, indeed.

It's not all about the cash

Molly and Tommy certainly enjoy the finer things in life.

In the past year, they’ve taken luxury trips to New York, Las Vegas and The Maldives plus raked in tens of thousands from £5K+-a-pop nightclub appearances.

And while Tommy, who insists he is “not a reality TV person” or “interested in money, fame or anything else”, is dedicated to furthering his boxing career, Molly has made a small fortune, scoring a host of lucrative brand contracts and collaborations, including with Pretty Little Thing, Beauty Works and Tatti Lashes. She also launched her own fake tan line, Filter by Molly Mae.

And although the couple can carry off wearing matching outfits, their romantic success is rooted in staying refreshingly down-to-earth, despite being filthy rich and public property.

“Molly-Mae and Tommy might have money but they don’t consider themselves any different to any other couple,” a source close to the couple told Fabulous.

“Before lockdown they loved doing normal couple things like going to the movies, eating out and taking walks together and the pair have measures in place to keep their relationship strong.

Trust is everything

“Not only do they have a huge mutual respect – they never utter a bad word to one another – there’s absolutely no place in the relationship for the green-eyed monster,” adds our source. “Quite simply, they trust each other implicitly.”

Molly, who describes herself as “the happiest I’ve ever been”, is the first to agree.

"I'm not the jealous type,” she once said on the subject of female fans lavishing Tommy in adoration.

“It’s nice that girls want to be like that with him because he's mine at the end of the day.”

And, looking at the true love between them, plenty more days to come, too.

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