Mortified shoppers blast Poundland's festive till alert which left them 'humiliated'

THERE'S no denying that Christmas shopping is always an incredibly stressful experience – but add a global pandemic into the mix and we've barely scratched the surface of our present list.

Well if the thought of facing overcrowded shops wasn't testing enough, Poundland shoppers have complained about a "humiliating" new feature on the shop's self-service tills.

Earlier this month, a mortified shopper shared a Snapchat video of what happened after her Poundland payment failed to go through.

Out of nowhere, the till's automated voice was replaced by Santa Claus – who started singing about her card being rejected.

The message begins: "Card not accepted, is it on the naughty list?

"Because I'm checking it twice, I'm going to find out who's naughty or nice."

It then launches into the rest of the song Santa Claus is Coming Town – much to the shopper's horror.

They captioned the clip: "I accidentally used the wrong card so it got declined. Listen to this self checkout machine.

"OMG I'm screaming. Nah I'm actually emailing Poundland [customer service] – how f***ing embarrassing."

Meanwhile on Twitter, another horrified shopper wrote: "Your tills are incredibly embarrassing!!

"Shouting out my card was declined over and over. How discreet for your customers. Not.

I'm actually emailing Poundland customer service – how f***ing embarrassing

"All because I needed to transfer my money to the correct account, the whole shop thought I couldn't purchase. Not happy one bit. Merry Xmas."

"No joke, I was humiliated," a third said. "Imagine Santa telling everyone you're broke?"

A Poundland spokesperson told The Mirror: "Santa took time out of his very busy schedule to do this. How can anyone be a grinch about Santa?

"Our seasonal checkout voices from Elvis to Yoda are part of what makes Poundland, Poundland.

"We haven’t lost our sense of humour despite this being an unusual year."

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