Mrs Hinch shaves husband Jamie’s hair – and it goes ‘terribly wrong’

Before becoming a cleaning influencer, Sophie Hinchliffe – known by fans as Mrs Hinch – used to be a professional hairdresser, but she shocked fans when she revealed her latest hairdressing experience had gone “terribly wrong.” 

After detailing her disastrous Monday morning, Mrs Hinch revealed her husband Jamie insisted he needed a haircut following the coronavirus lockdown. The 30-year-old obliged, taking the razor to his hair and showing off the dramatic transformation by revealing the leftover hair on their living room floor. 

Mrs Hinch was concerned about her husband’s new hairstyle

“But it went terribly wrong. He is now in the shower and I am waiting for him to get the fright of his life when he looks in the mirror!” Mrs Hinch wrote, cringing as she sheepishly held up the razor. “He looks like he is wearing a tiny hat and I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.”

The cleaning influencer joked that Jamie looked like he was wearing a hat

However, Mr Hinch was not nearly as upset about his new ‘do as his wife was! Mrs Hinch explained, “Jamie said his hair isn’t as bad as he thought it would be. I think it’s because he knows I’m having a shocking morning.” Luckily, fans got to see the end results for themselves after the mum-of-one then shared a video of the back of his head, which was shaved apart from the top section. Considering Jamie normally sports a similar hairstyle with a thick section on top and a fade around the sides, we are thoroughly impressed with her work. 

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The couple met when they both worked together in sales for a central London job-search company before Sophie left to become a hairdresser. Listing her previous jobs during an Instagram Q&A, she said: “I’ve had a few jobs since I left school. I’ve worked as a waitress, an after school club as a nursery assistant, call centre office, job board sales, and a hairdresser.” So we can see why Jamie entrusted his hair to the capable hands of his wife.

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