Mum bribes messy daughter into cleaning by hiding her CREDIT CARD in her room – but some people say the teen is SPOILT – The Sun

A MUM who was sick of cleaning her daughter's messy room took drastic action by bribing her to tidy up – but some people have slammed her method, saying it's too easy for the teen.

Fed up mum Bethan Entwistle shared a video of her teenage daughter's messy room on TikTok, showing an unmade bed strewn with clothes, piled of things on the floor and drawers left open.

Narrating the video, Bethan said: "This is my teenage daughter's disgusting, filthy bedroom that I keep telling her to tidy every single day.

"So I've told her after school, she's to do it, and polish it, so we'll see if she does."

She then shows her two cards to the camera, before stashing one under a potted plant and another under a candle.

The mum continued: "So I'm going to put my debit card under this one, and if she finds it, she can have whatever she wants.

"And if she finds the credit card under here, she can get double whatever she gets on the debit card."

The clip has been widely viewed online, racking up 2.2 million views and 223,700 likes.

Bethan has turned the comments off on her video – but another user re-posted the sound in another clip, where people let loose in the comment section.

Some viewers reckon the room isn't all that messy, and the mum has made it too easy for the messy teen.

One TikTok user said: "This has made her look spoilt."

A second said: "It would take eight minutes to tidy that room," while another said "it's not even that bad."

Another pointed out that the cards were hidden under ornaments – not mess – so the daughter is unlikely to uncover them even if she does clean.

"She's placed both the cards under items she will not move because they're in their place," she said. "Doesn't prove she didn't clean."

But one user stuck up for the mum, saying people should let her parent in peace.

"People on this app are obsessed with telling others how to parent," she said. "If this works for her, what's the problem?"

Meanwhile, another teenage TikTok user said: "Wish my mum did that!"

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