Mum completely transforms shabby Wendy house she got second hand with some old paint and charity shop bargains

A CRAFTY mum has transformed a shabby Wendy house into an incredible den for her daughter, using a lick of paint and some charity shop bargains. 

‎Leighann Dale‎, from Scotland, picked up the battered playhouse for £50, and decided to upcycle it for her daughter now she had some time in the lockdown.

Leighann wanted to create a magical playhouse for her daughter, Charlotte, 22-months-old, so started by cleaning and painting the outside and inside with her husband, going for a shade called Sandstone. 

She said: “We were going to buy new but apart from a few bits and bobs there was nothing much wrong with it.”

Leighann then decorated the Wendy house, hitting up Ikea, Poundland, Home Bargains and eBay for bargains. 

Referencing the adorable flower troughs, Leighann said: “I bought them from poundland and painted the same as the house, added flowers from ikea and home bargains.”

She used foam mats she bought from eBay on the floor, and made a wreath for the front door.

The mum proudly added: “I made it, a wire flower hoop covered in cheap twine and some flowers added with flower wire.” 

Lastly she scoured her house for bits she could use in the den, repurposing an old table runner for a window blind. 

Leighann said: “Cut up a table runner and folded them in half, attached 2 hooks on the inside of the windows and popped a wee hole either side at the top.”

Leighann shared the incredible transformation to Facebook group Gardening On A Budget Official, where she said: “Amazing what you can do with a bit TLC and some time. . . 

“Bought for £50, used a table runner for blinds, a £1 barg magazine rack from charity shop and some imagination. . . 

“Saved from landfill and will be used for years to come.” 

More than 4,000 people have liked her post, praising her creativity, 

One person said: “It’s beautiful I wish I was creative.”

Another wrote: “Wow that’s just lovely.” 

A third said: “Absolutely gorgeous, she's a lucky little girl. Great job!”

This person added: “Many happy moments will be spent here ..beautiful!!”

Another thought: “Absolutely gorgeous. Making me wish my daughters were tiny again.”

While this person raved: “Just so sweet, love recycling.” 

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