Mum-of-22 Sue Radford shares her kids' first day back at school with tears & piles of uniforms everywhere

MUM-of-22 Sue Radford shared her manic morning routine as her kids finally went back to school – and Phoebe got ready for her very first day. 

Mum Sue, 45, and Noel, 48, are Britain's biggest family with Sue welcoming their 22nd child, Heidie, in April. 

She’s no stranger to the school run, as she shared a clip to YouTube showing how she gets her massive brood up and dressed in the morning, as she admitted to getting upset at the school gates.

And it started off with the mum having to drag five kids out of bed, including Phoebe who was going getting ready for her first day at reception.

Sue, who lives in Morecambe, Lancs, said: “They’re off to school today. 

“We’ve got Tilly, Oscar, Casper, Hallie, and of course it’s Phoebe’s first day at school today. 

“And they’ve all slept in. So I’m going to have to go and get them up.” 

The parents have had a break from school due to corona, but the kids were finally back in class – with Sue showing off piles of uniforms neatly folded on the sofa ready for the kids. 

As her kids get ready for school Sue proudly takes photos of Phoebe all dressed up on her first day, as Casper tells his mum he’s going to miss her, while Oscar is excited to see his friends. 

It seems the break from school has been a bit too long for a few of them, as it turns out they’ve forgotten the way.

As her kids get their directions muddled up, Sue asks: “Have you forgotten which way school is? It’s been a long time hasn’t it.” 

But the drop-off doesn't go too smoothly, as Sue reveals she had to go back to school – as she’d left the camera. 

She said: “I left the camera in Hallie’s book bag. I got home and thought – I’ve left the camera. What a nightmare, I had to ring them.

“See, I have too many things on my mind. I forget I have the camera.” 

Noel reveals that while most kids have been off school due to corona, Tilly finally went back after nearly a year.

Noel explained: “That’s Tilly back to school for the first time in pretty much a year. 

“She went back for a few weeks I think it was October, November time last year.

“And that’s when she fell over and hurt her leg so she had to pack in school again. 

“I’ve got to say she’s so pleased and so happy to be getting back, getting back to a more normal life.

“Bit odd, we had to queue up to get into school. We had to queue up for nearly a quarter of an hour.

“Just glad to get back to a bit more normal.” 

As they returned home Phoebe enjoyed an ice lolly and her lunch, which Sue said she didn’t eat in school. 

Sue explained Phoebe only went in for an hour-and-a-half, and says she was “no problem at all”. 

And chatting about the others, she says most “went in fine” despite a few tears, although a lot has changed at school. 

Sue explained the kids have to line up and wait at the main entrance until each year group could go in, and arrivals were all staggered. 

Sue said: “Oscar went in at nine, Casper went in at ten past nine, and Hallie went in at 9.40, then I had to drop Phoebe off at 11.15.

“Oscar went in no problem at all, Casper said to me, bless him, he went ‘I am going to miss you mummy so much’.

“It was so so sweet.”

But Hallie wasn’t so sure about school, as Sue says she was ‘worried’ when her line was called. 

Sue said: “She grabbed hold of my leg. . .  we could see that she was starting to put her head down and she was starting to cry.

“I got a bit upset.” 

As Sue welcomed the rest of the kids home from school, she promised them they’d be able to jump in the hot tub. 

The kids demanded the bubbles as they donned their swimming caps and goggles for a relaxing dip in the pool. 

While most enjoyed splashing around, Sue revealed Phoebe was napping on the sofa after her first day, as she said she was “flat out”. 

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