Mum-of-five praised for clever ‘dot system’ she uses to organise her sons’ clothes & it makes getting them dressed easy

WHEN you have five kids, including two sets of twins, you'll do anything possible to help things run smoothly around the home.

And one Aussie mum has taken organisation the the next level after revealing her clever dot system which she uses for EVERYTHING – and other parents think it's genius.

With five boys all under seven, the mum decided to give each of them a colour in which she's used to label their clothes, socks and undies.

But she took it a step further and has colour-coded everything from their towels, dinnerware and lunchboxes too – so she will never get anything mixed up again.

Sharing her method in the Mums Who Organise Facebook group she wrote: "The dot system, if you haven't heard of it, is each child gets a number of dots corresponding to their place in the family. So 1st child gets 1 dot, 2nd child gets 2 dots and so on.

"This makes it easy to identify who it belongs to, and when it's passed down, another dot can be added for the next child in line. "

But the mum-of-five explained that it wouldn't work with her as she has the twins so decided to use colours instead.

She continued: "Doing a colour instead of a number of dots also saved me from having to draw 5 dots on all my youngest child's clothing tags.I colour code my 5 boys.

"Pretty much every item a child can own I have in their 'colour' (dinnerware, towels, beach towel, lunch boxes, drink bottles, etc). Even their coat hangers have their coloured sticker dot on them."

What's more, the busy mum revealed that she puts wet washing straight on the coloured coat hanger and pops it on the line, that way the kids can simply grab their hangers and put them away.

"Avoids double handling and reduces the need for ironing (I loathe ironing and avoid at all costs)," she said.

She admitted that things get pretty complicated in her home as, despite having two sets of twins, all five boys are different sizes – so that's a lot of clothing she's dealing with.

As for hand-me-downs, the mum said:" To make it easier, I've drawn each child's coloured dot on the tag of his clothing with a coloured Sharpie. As it gets passed down, the next child's coloured dot can be added next to it and so on."

The Aussie mum admitted that her household gets pretty "chaotic" but colour-coding has been an "absolute game-changer"

So much so that the kids, even the youngest, love helping out with the colours making it easy for them to see what's theirs.

What's more,the woman admitted that it helps her husband too, and he no longer get's confused with what belongs to who.

"This is especially useful with school uniforms where you've got a lot of the same item of clothing. Now hubby will have no excuse for avoiding the folding mwahaha!!!"

Other parents were blown away her her incredibly organised system and were in awe of her "super" mum abilities.

"Wow you are def super organised and super smart mom with this hack!! Great idea!!!" one person wrote.

And another shared: "Wow. Such a super mum you are and great way of organising."

While a third shared: "My mind I blown at two sets of twins and 5 boys. You may just be the definition of superwoman!"

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