Mum overhauls her daughter’s old kitchen for just £15 and people are stunned by the difference

MANY parents have been treating themselves to home renovations during lockdown, it seems the little ones want a piece of the action too. 

So when a youngster asked for a new fancy kitchen to play with, a savvy mum decided to spruce up her existing one instead.

The original mud kitchen was typical of many store bought ones,  which featured hues of pink, red and blue and was complete with makeshift appliances.

The kitchen was in no way damaged or unusable, but it appeared outdated to say the least.

But rather than spending a fortune on a brand new one for her daughter, the crafty mum gave it a Hinch inspired makeover using furniture paint and sticky back plastic – and people can't believe the difference.

She shared snap on the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook group which showed the stunning transformation.

The new and improved mud kitchen is now entirely grey in colour and features stylish marble detailing.

Grey kitchens are popular among interior design enthusiasts, with Mrs Hinch and Stacey Solomon leading the pack.

In the post the mum explained: "So daughter wanted a new kitchen to play with so I thought I would re paint her old kitchen and she loves it .

"I used B&Q furniture paint and marble Fablon from B&Q only cost £15 to do.  Very happy with it."

And other mums loved it too, not least because of the chosen colour palette.

"Wow I love it," one fan wrote, "Looks new and posh."

And another agreed: "This looks fantastic."

Meanwhile a third wrote: "Great idea for kids as they get older and don't want anything too childish. Also teaches them to upcycle. So cool"

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