Mum saves £1k on a new sofa by updating her faux leather one with £30 grey paint

THE sofa is one of most loved (and expensive) pieces of furniture in your home – and we don't know about you, but ours has definitely seen better days.

Well rather than splashing out a small fortune on a new one, a savvy DIY fan has revealed how she gave her tired settee a new lease of life thanks to some purse-friendly paint.

Speaking to Latest Deals, mum Vanessa Brooks explained how she wanted to redecorate her living room – but felt restricted by the taupe colour of her L-shaped sofa.

She said: "I didn’t want to buy another sofa. I really couldn’t justify the cost of a new one, as there was absolutely nothing wrong with the one I had.

"Plus, I loved the style of it and it would have been very difficult to get something similar."

Having previously used Frenchic chalk paint elsewhere in her home, Vanessa thought she'd give it a go on her beloved settee – but did worry about how it would turn out.

Vanessa continued: "I wasn’t 100% sure if it would work and I was nervous about doing it, but I think it turned out great.

"It feels fresher, and more modern now. It has certainly saved me from spending over £1,000 on a new leather sofa.

In order to create her dream grey shade, the mum used Frenchic’s Wolf Whistle paint and mixed it with half a tin of the colour Spitfire.

Having spent just £30 on the fabric paint, Vanessa said: "It covered extremely well and it only needed two coats.

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"Afterwards, I buffed the sofa with Rust-Oleum Furniture Finishing Wax using a soft cloth to seal the paint. I found the process quite easy and it only took me an afternoon to do."

In total, Vanessa spent £180 on paint to revamp her living room – and also used the Spitfire paint to create a feature wall and create matching lampshades.

She added: "I would not like to put a guarantee stamp on painting faux leather sofas but it worked for me.

"I would definitely do it again and if I liked the style of the one I currently have I would definitely consider painting it first, rather than spending money on a new one – especially if it’s in good condition."

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