Mum shares 'game-changing' ice lolly hack which stops kids from dropping them and it’s so easy

PICTURE the scene: you've just handed your little ones an ice lolly to enjoy in the warm weather and within seconds, they've dropped it all over the floor.

Sound familiar? We thought so.

Well rather than watching them like a hawk every time you give them a sweet treat, one savvy mum has shared her quick tip which prevents kids from dropping their ice cream.

And let's just say, we can't believe we've never thought of it before.

Posting on the Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, the mum wrote: "For all those with children who are at an age where holding an ice lolly stick is difficult.

"Use a sandwich bag clip on the stick…. allows them to grip with both hands.

As the clip gives kids something bigger to hold onto, the mum added: "Prevents tears from dropped lollies."

Alternatively, if you don't have a sandwich bag clip then others pointed out how you could substitute it for a clothes peg.

Unsurprisingly, other parents were quick to praise the "game-changing" trick.

"Genius," another said. "I hate the feel of a lolly stick, I have to cover it with the wrapper!"

Another gushed: "Fab! Pop a cupcake case under lolly for wen it melts."

Meanwhile, a third wrote: " I fold up a piece of kitchen roll and wrap around the stick, makes easy to hold and also catches any drips."

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