Mum turns the cupboard under the stairs into a spring-themed den for her daughter using Amazon & eBay bargains

A MUM transformed the cupboard under her stairs into an incredible den for her daughter using Amazon and eBay bargains. 

Rachel Moore, 31, wanted to create a space where her daughter, Freya, six, who has special needs, could go and relax. 

Rachel, from Alconbury, started by emptying the cupboard of junk, and pulled up the maroon carpet. 

She laid down a new floor, using some leftover vinyl flooring she had from when she updated her bathroom.

She gave the skirting boards a lick of paint, and rubbed down the walls before filling in any holes. 

Rachel chose a pretty colour for the den, opting for a shade called blush pink from Wickes which costs £16.

After it was dry she added wall stickers from eBay in a gorgeous cherry blossom scene with birds, with a similar set costing just £15.50 on the site.

To make her decor come to life, she picked up fake cherry blossom branches from Amazon for just £7.99. 

Rachel cut the heads off the garlands and stuck them on the walls, and added some flowers on to a light shade she cut sections out of. 

She confirmed she used a non-heat bulb to make sure it wasn’t a fire hazard. 

Finally Rachel added some fairy lights, saying: "I had some cherry blossom garland left so I brought battery fairy lights on a wire and wrapped around the garland and stuck into place,” Tyla reported. 

Rachel shared her mini-makeover on Facebook, where it was shared to group DIY On A Budget. 

She said: “Few little bits to do yet, but Freya’s room is coming together!

“(Under stairs cupboard not bedroom). We have been creating as a surprise!

“This is start to nearly finish! (The carpet we did not lay it was horrendous!)

  • Cherry Blossom & Garden Birds Kids Wall Stickers, £15.50 – buy now

  • Artificial Cherry Blossom Garland, Amazon, £7.99 – buy now

  • Blush Pink – Silk Emulsion Paint, Wickes, £16 – buy now

“I have made most myself!” 

Her makeover has since gone viral, racking up more than 1,600 likes, as people praised Rachel’s impressive eye for interiors.

One person commented: “Adore this, absolutely fantastic job. Very talented lady!"

Another said: “Oh wow, so simple, but I’d never think of it- so creative. Gorgeous !!”

While a third wrote: “How delightful. Looks beautiful.”

And this person added: “Looks beautiful, you did an amazing job.”

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