Mums rejoice as Tom Hardy returns to Cbeebies Bedtime Stories – especially after he says all he wants is a hug

MUMS across the nation rejoice, as Tom Hardy has returned to Cbeebies for an entire week of bedtime stories.

The Peaky Blinders actor, 42, returned to the Bedtime Hour on Monday where he read a story called Hug Me by Simone Ciralo about a cactus called Felipe who wanted a cuddle.

And reading from his garden in South West London, the Hollywood hunk admitted that he was in need of a hug himself.

He said: “Sometimes on a day like this I feel strong and I feel happy, but other days I just want someone to give me a hug.”

Reflecting on lockdown he said: “It’s not always possible to be able to hug those that we love, but you must always remember that they are always with us in our heart.

“So it’s time for bed, off you go and I look forward to seeing you again for another bedtime story.”

While the message was intended for younger watches, mums went into meltdown, scrambling over one another to offer the actor a hug.

“I’m happy to volunteer for the hugs!” said one mum, commenting on a clip on Facebook.

Another said: “My children will not be watching you at all!!! 🤔 Because they have gone to bed, before you came on so that "I" could watch you instead!”

“'It's time for bed', yep you won't need to say that twice.” jokes a third, with a forth adding, “Can he come Tuck me into bed please and snuggle me please.”

Another added: “Some bedtime reading for Mummy… I mean the girls, obviously it's for the girls.”

Tom Hardy will return to Cbeebies tonight at 6:50pm where he will be reading Under the Same Sky by Robert Vescio and Nicky Johnston.

His five previous appearances clocked up more than a million views on BBC iPlayer.

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