My ex cheated on me while I worked a 16-hour shift – what I did next really shocked people

AFTER a 16 hour shift at work all Taylor Dunham wanted to do was put her feet, relax and go to sleep. 

But when she walked into her bedroom, she claims she was met with a surprise.

Her boyfriend was in bed with another woman but instead of starting an argument, she claims she was too tired to argue and got into bed with the pair to go to sleep. 

Taylor shared her story on TikTok and her video has since gone viral as many were shocked by her technique of dealing with her cheating, now former boyfriend.

In a TikTok clip that has racked up a million views, Taylor said: “Me thinking about the time I came home from a 16 hour shift and my ex was in my bed with another girl and I jumped in bed with them and asked them to finish somewhere else because I was too tired to fight.”

And many people were eager to know the reaction o her ex boyfriend and the woman he was cheating on her with.

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Taylor shared in the comments: “I asked him to take his bags. They left. Now they have a kid together. I was over it.

“And I slept like a baby that night.”

Stunned at Taylor’s story, many people flocked to the comments to praise her for her “power move.”

One person gasped: “That’s not crazy! That’s a power move.”

Another user added: “See I could never be that calm, I’d be going to jail.”

Whilst a third person voiced: “I bet for a split second he thought you were joining in, and was insanely excited.”

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Someone else commented: “The power you hold is unreal.”

Meanwhile, a fifth user chuckled: “I bet for a split second he thought you were joining in, and was insanely excited.”

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