Ox weekly horoscope: What your Chinese zodiac sign means for you December 6 – 12

December 6, 2020 – December 12, 2020

SEEMS like some unlucky things will happen to the Ox this week in regards to work. How will they manage?

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The beginning of the week will have a rocky start for the Ox. They are advised not to argue with anyone, especially in the workspace. It is recommended to talk things out with whoever you are in disagreement with and just hear their side of the story, don’t judge or impose your opinions on them before really listening to what is going on.

Midweek should look a bit better in terms of the Ox’s mood and what they’re accomplishing. Now is a good time to go holiday shopping but they should be mindful of how much they are spending on gifts as it could take a toll on their wallet.

Oxen, keep your receipts and manage yourselves accordingly, you don’t want to start the new year broke and pinching pennies.


The Ox’s love life will have a boost in the middle of the week as there could be a potential match waiting around trying to woo them.

Female Oxen may experience some mood swings this week and must think before dismissing their significant other’s ideas or it could strain their relationship.

It is important to communicate properly and take other’s needs into account.

Single Oxen should perhaps use dating apps and meet singles looking to date like-minded people. The holidays can get lonely and it can be a good time to schedule a virtual date to learn something new about someone.


Aren’t you a reliable one, Ox?

Most of your co-workers are always relying on you to pick up the slack and work diligently to meet deadlines and company goals. 

It can be a bit tiresome to always be the point of contact, but you should not be offended that others put the weight on you to make things happen. It is flattering to know that you are a trusted colleague always problem-solving and helping those in need.

Being counted on this much could have its downside though, as it can be exhausting to have double the work. If you are not comfortable picking up someone’s task simply say no and continue your assignment; you don’t owe explanations to those who have no interest in your well-being. 

Types of Oxen

Metal Ox: Although there are life obstacles in the way, the metal ox faces no financial problems. They will be able to comfortably retire.

Water Ox: Water Oxen are highly respected. They are surrounded by love from their family. They are advised to marry late.

Wood Ox: Multi-talented, go through life breezily. There will be difficulties in early life.

Fire Ox: Friendly, fun, and social. The Fire Ox will not face any financial worries.

Earth Ox: Detailed oriented and good leaders. Financially comfortable, but can't hold onto money. They will enjoy later life more than their earlier years.

Spotlight Numerology

Libra Water Ox 1973: The Libra Water Ox has a life path number 8.

The Libra Water Ox’s life path number 8 means that they are born with natural leadership skills. 

These Oxen are very ambitious and are goal-setters. 

Their strong organizational skills make them great workers. 

The number 8 represents authority, material wealth, ambition, and caution.

Weekly Mantra

“I am a good person capable of many great things.”

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