Parents rave over Primark’s £8 Simba set for kids – calling it the ‘world’s cutest outfit’

PARENTS claim they have found the 'world's cutest outfit' and it's available in Primark.

Taking to a bargains Facebook group, one mother couldn't resist sharing a snap of the adorable Disney garment.

The two-piece outfit consists of a white long-sleeved top with a photo of Simba the lion cub and his name written in gold, and a teeny tiny pair of mustard-coloured leggings.

The Facebook user captioned the picture: "This is the worlds cutest outfit! £8 FROM PRIMARK!! They had other lion king outfits and lots more Disney! defo a bargain!"

She later added: "UPDATE… this is unisex, just because it has a little sparkle doesn’t mean a male cant wear it!"

Fellow parents were quick to comment on the post, with one writing: "omg i love this."

A second person added: "I need this," while a third wrote: "omg they are amazing."

Even users who aren't parents found the outfit super cute, with another person commenting: "omg I’m in love !!! I want that and I don’t even have a kid !!"

However, The Lion King isn't the only Disney movie that Primark have teamed up with.

The high street chain are also selling clothing and accessories from Mulan, Frozen, Dumbo and Sleeping Beauty.

There's also some adorable Mickey and Minnie Mouse outfits available in the Primark baby section.

And if you don't want to stop there, you can even nab some Disney bargains for your pets as Primark also have a range of cute items for your pooch.

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