People always stare when I’m with my plus-size bloke, they say he’s ‘punching’ or it’s disgusting but he’s my dream man

A WOMAN has defended her plus-size bloke after trolls branded their relationship “disgusting.”

Sienna Keera moved halfway across the globe from Australia to the UK to be with her now fiance George Keywood and the couple have since welcomed a baby boy, Oliver together.

While Sienna is super slim George’s body type is the total opposite with her bloke considered morbidly obese.

The Aussie describes George as her “dream man” sharing videos flaunting their relationship on TikTok.

Speaking of how they met, Sienna says: “Basically how we met, we talked on instagram for like six months and then we basically got together.

“I moved to the Uk from Australia, that’s the short version anyway.”

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And while plenty of their followers are fully supportive of their weight difference, for every positive comment there are ten negatives.

Sienna is regularly accused of being a golddigger while George is regularly told he’s ‘punching.’

But George pays the comments no mind: “She’s always liked the fatties guys way long before I came into her sights. Just to clear things up, she’s always liked fat boys. 

“Unlucky for all you skinny boys you’ve got no chance.”

Sienna is quick to agree, adding “I like them chunky.”

The couple’s fans have been quick to bolster them, describing George and Sienna as a “beautiful couple.”

One wrote: “I don’t see what the obsession is over the fact that he’s a big man and you’re gorgeous.

“Who cares what y’all look like. You love each other and seem to have a happy healthy family.”

“Better cuddles!! You go guys,” agreed another, while a third wrote, “Absolutely beautiful couple.”

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