People are creating amazing dip-dyed hair with just tissue paper and water

With kids not at school, some are enjoying not having the same uniform rules.

And some parents have been letting their kids temporarily dip-dye their hair in crazy colours using just tissue paper and water.

People have been sharing the results in the Extreme Couponing and Bargains Facebook group, created by money saving expert Holly Smith

The method is cheap and the bright colours wash out in a few days, making it perfect for kids who want to experiment a little while at home during lockdown.

To create the effect, you need to take a sheet of the colour you want and put it in a bowl (be warned, some of the colour may stain so don’t use anything special), add boiling water and then let it cool slightly.

If you want different colours in the hair, you need to section it off and create a bowl for each colour.

Get your child to lie down (either in the garden or on the floor with something protecting the area) and put a section in each of the bowls.

Leave it for five to 10 minutes and then rinse with cold water and let the hair dry.

It will be bright at first but will fade with every wash. Most who tried it said it only lasted two to three washes.

Obviously it won’t work as well on dark hair but looks best on blonde or light brown shades.

People said they were able to easily pick up tissue paper for a few pound in the craft section or gift wrapping section in most supermarkets, so you can get some while you head out for groceries.

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