People are just discovering the important use for the gap in popcorn bags – it’s not to let steam out | The Sun

PEOPLE have just learned what the gap in popcorn bags is for — some weren't ready for the kernel of truth.

A shocked man even called the popcorn company to confirm that use of the gap was what they intended.

Content creator Jordan (@jordan_the_stallion8) shared his findings after he saw someone shake a bag of popcorn with an open gap to let unpopped kernels out.

"So I called the corporate number for microwave popcorn," he said, standing in front of a mirror in a brown beanie and hoodie.

"And I asked them, I said: 'Hey, is the little space in the popcorn bags used so that you can shake the bag and get all the popcorn kernels out easier?'

"And they said 'Yeah, we thought everybody knew that,' get so close right now," he zoomed in.

"No, I don't think anybody knew that," he said, shocked.

Jordan continued on his tirade, explaining that he truly had no idea.

"I thought the space for that popcorn bag was to feel how warm your popcorn was gonna be before you ate it, I'm not going to lie to you," he said.

"School at this point has not helped me at all, the internet continues to help me on a daily basis and now I just want popcorn," he joked.

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People took to the comments to share their thoughts.

"I thought it was to vent hot air what," said one commenter.

"I thought it was to help open the bag," said another.

Jordan wasn't alone in his confusion and discovery.

"NONE OF US KNEW THAT," said one viewer.

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