People can’t decide if these shoes are brown or black – so what colour do YOU see?

REMEMBER that viral dress that divided the nation as to whether it was blue and black or white and gold?

Now a pair of trainers are also sparking debate as to whether they are brown or black – so what colour do YOU see? 

Twitter users have been left confused and bewildered at the colour of the shoes – in what appears to be a strange optical illusion.

An image of the footwear, which are being sold on Depop for £15, were shared to the social media platform yesterday and have left people baffled.

While some people see a brown pair of shoes, others see a black and blue set.

A Depop user had contacted the seller after spotting the shoes – which they believed were brown – but were described as "Men's black and blue Nike trainers" in the description.

Social media users have been left scratching their heads in confusion.

One person wrote: “They must be black and blue IRL, but the ambient lighting makes them brown and purple on picture.”

Another added: "How are they black and blue????”

A third commented: “Brown and purple WHYY?”

While one exasperated person said: "No I can’t do this today.”

So… what colour do you see?

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