Princess Beatrice and Zara stand out due to their style – pictures

Women in the Royal Family such as Kate Middleton, Zara Tindall and Princess Beatrice constantly have their style discussed in the public eye. Rebecca and Heidi Marie, who are royal fashion detectives on social media, spoke exclusively to to explain which royals are the most fashionable, and why Princess Anne “makes a fabulous impact” for someone renowned as the hardest-working royal.

On the most fashionable royals, Heidi said: “I think this description goes to Zara Tindall and Princess Beatrice. Both ladies manage to dress fashionably and trendy while still keeping a classic element.

“They are not afraid of adding a little zest and it makes them stand out. Princess Beatrice has experimented a lot over the years but lately landed on a very classic but fun wardrobe.

“Zara has always gone her own way, but has also found a place where when she steps out with her husband they cut a stunning pair and keep it fun.”

Rebecca claimed, however, that royal women should aspire to wear British designers as opposed to being “fashionable”.

She added: “I don’t believe any working royals should keep up with modern trends as they aren’t celebrities. It is their job to highlight the best of British Fashion, as fashion is a huge part of the economy.

“A piece being worn by a family member can be a huge success to a designer/label and that in turn can result in hundreds if not thousands of jobs.

“But if I had to say who does the best; my vote would be for Beatrice. I do believe her husband Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi has had a fabulous influence on her style choices. Although, she has always been a bit of a daredevil in her own right.”

There is one member of the Royal Family, who despite not being “fashionable”, does wear incredible clothes according to these experts.

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Heidi clarified: “Even the Princess Royal who is an undeniable force in the Royal Family and fully dedicated to her work is noted for her reoccurring wardrobe staples.

“She’s the epitome of a classic and well-chosen wardrobe. People still want to know who made her clothes, who designed them and who is her dressmaker.

“For instance, the history behind her beautiful pearl earrings by Andrew Grima.”

When asked if fashion was necessary for members of the Royal Family like Princess Anne to make an impact with their charities, Rebecca claimed: “Fashionable? To make an impact? No.”

She continued: “Case in point is our beloved Princess Royal who is the hardest-working royal out there.

“She makes a fabulous impact while wearing clothes that are decades old. But with any of the royals, what they wear matters to the British Fashion Industry and therefore the British economy by default.”

Rebecca even places Princess Anne as her favourite royal when it comes to her style.

She explained: “While I am indeed a huge fan of the Princess of Wales, I don’t think anyone can top the wardrobe of a young Princess Anne.

“I can get lost for hours looking at her archives. She is, was and always be the original Boss Babe.”

Heidi opined: “To deny that royals make an impact with their clothes and jewellery choices would be naive.

“Anytime the royals step out the eyes are on them and on what they wear from hats to shoes.

“Wearing local designers and showcasing British fashion designers when travelling or at home is in my opinion a great way to support the country.”

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