Professional chef reveals you’ve been cooking scrambled eggs all wrong & his tip makes things QUICKER

NOT trying to boast or anything – but we consider ourselves to be pretty decent amateur chefs. Unless it comes to scrambled eggs.

Despite our best efforts, they always turn out stomach-churning-ly sloppy or dry as a bone.

Sound familiar? Then you might just want to take a note out of Dan Churchill's book.

Earlier this week, the Australian chef shared the three biggest mistakes most people make when cooking scrambled eggs at home.

And the best part is, his method will actually speed up the whole process.

Posting on his Instagram account, the professional cook said people have their frying pan far too hot – which makes it easier to overcook the eggs.


He said: "Keep your pan at medium-high heat so you can control cooking your eggs evenly."

Secondly, Dan urged his followers to resist the temptation to constantly stir your eggs while they're cooking.

He wrote: "You want to create layers, providing an even cooking effort not always stirring them.

"Slide spatula towards you and tilt pan back to allow wet to fall onto the cooked surface. You will have beautiful soft layers!"

And finally, the chef says it's integral to UNDERCOOK your eggs while they're in the pan… yes, you read that correctly.

Dan added: "Remember once you take it off the heat the eggs are still cooking with their residual heat.

"Slightly undercook them so by the time you serve and take to the table they are soft and layered as opposed to dry and over cooked!"

Finishing off the tutorial, Dan popped his bright yellow scrambled eggs on some freshly toasted bread and finished off with half an avocado.

And it'll come as no surprise that his method was a hit with his 104,000 followers.

One fan gushed: "That’s some five star delish right there!"

Another added: "Great tips Dan! Learned something new today."

"Literally picture perfect eggs," a third replied.

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