Professional Waxers Recommend These Cheap Tweezers Over Pricey Options — and They're on Sale

Pro Waxers Recommend These Cheap Tweezers Over Pricey Options — and They're on Sale

The past 24 hours have been a whirlwind of Prime Day beauty deals, with major discounts on salon-quality hair dryers and shopper-approved anti-aging formulas — and they aren’t over quite yet. While all the marked-down prices are set to expire at midnight PT, you can still save before the clock runs out. That means you can still grab the Tweezer Guru four-piece set for less.

If you’ve been relying on a single pair of tweezers to shape your brows, using a set will be an absolute game changer. The four different angles included in this set make it painless to grab even the tiniest, trickiest hairs, and their stainless steel surfaces are easy to clean after each use. Going beyond just eyebrows, dealing with ingrown hairs and splinters is way less of a hassle with these four tweezers on hand.

Amazon shoppers clearly love the set — the almost 4,000 five-star ratings are proof — and reviewers agree that the tweezers do the job better than drugstore options; some have even stocked up on multiple sets. Plus, many are impressed by the “fancy” case they arrive in. If the countless glowing reviews aren’t enough to sway you, know that even professional waxers swear by their quality and durability.

Tweezer Guru

Shop now: $12 (Originally $15);

“When I was at the waxing place I asked… what tweezers she recommended,” wrote one reviewer. “And she said ‘between you and me you can order the brand Tweezer Guru on Amazon. They are inexpensive and amazing, plus you get four different types.’ In a few days they arrived and let me say — GAME CHANGER.”

“I am an admitted tweezer snob and I absolutely LOVE this set! They all grab the finest hairs I could find to test them out on… I’m talking peach fuzz!” said another. “I am so happy that I gave these a shot. I almost scrolled right past them because I am used to paying around $20 for good tweezers. I never thought I would end up with a set of 4 for less than that!”

This deal only lasts for several more hours, so head over to Amazon ASAP to get the Tweezer Guru set while it’s only $12. Check out the rest of Prime Day’s stellar deals while you’re there, too.

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