Rare glimpse inside Kate Middleton’s childhood home with perfectly-manicured lawns and family photos on display

ROYAL fans have been given a rare glimpse into the Berkshire home where Kate Middleton grew up before marrying Prince William.

Her younger brother, James Middleton, shared a video of his family home in Bucklebury on Instagram yesterday.

The 33-year-old posted a clip of his fiance Alizee’s reaction after he shaved his famous beard for the first time in seven years.

James and his French fiance have been isolating at Carole and Michael Middleton’s Berkshire home after being forced to postpone this wedding that was due to take place this month.

The entrepreneur captured Alizee’s reaction as she sat with his two parents in the garden of Bucklebury, giving a rare insight into the Middleton family home.

As Carole enjoys a glass of wine and Michael a peroni, Alizee leaps up in surprise from the patio table that is surrounded by perfectly manicured lawns and beds of wildflowers.

In the background eagle-eyed fans will be able to spot a series of family photos on display on the wall behind a set of French doors.

And dangling in the keyhole of the doors is a red tasseled keyring, showing off the quirkier side of the family’s style.

It seems that Carole and Michael have made an effort to add a festive feel to the garden, stringing white punting aside the patio.

As James walks through the grounds of the house, fans should be able to spot an outhouse in the background.

It is thought to be where Carole and Michael set up her partywear business, Party Pieces back in 1987 before relocating to a barn at nearby Childs Court Farm in 1993.

It is now thought that the outbuilding serves as a guesthouse.

Speaking in the video James says, “Seeming as Alizee and myself were due to get married this month, she's never seen me without a beard.

“I thought it was about time to show her what's behind it. In fact, what I'm most worried about is that these lots might not recognise me after. Say goodbye!”

Upon seeing her bare-faced fiance, Alizee says, “It’s so weird, I will have to kiss you diffren’t.”

Kate and William are still regular visitors to the Middleton family home and are known to take trips to the local boozer the Boot Inn.

In fact Prince George spent his first few weeks in Bucklebury rather than Kensington Palace.

When the Cambridge family visit Kate’s parents, royal protection officers and cars are said to be a common sight around the picturesque village.

Carole and Michael, who run event supplies company Party Pieces, are said to have added sleeping quarters onto their £4.7million home for when the couple come to stay.

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