Sales for This Flattering Off-the-Shoulder Sweater Jumped by 5,500% This Weekend

Oftentimes, there’s a big difference between comfortable clothing and sexy clothing, and it’s usually the case that the comfortable stuff is supportive, cozy — and less attractive. But sometimes, comfortable and sexy finds appear almost miraculously. That seems to be the case for a sweater that rose in sales by an incredible 5,500 percent this past weekend, according to Amazon’s Movers and Shakers page. 

Shoppers believe that the Voianlimo off-the-shoulder style is lightweight, flattering, and seriously sexy. It comes in the neutral tones — like black, gray, and navy — that every closet needs during cooler months, so it remains versatile and easy to mix and match, but has added style elements that take the sweater from boring to exceptional.  

The slouched sweater has a relaxed and loose fit from the shoulder down to the elbow. The only area the fabric clings to is the lower arm section, which gives an elongated and slimming effect that shoppers say looks as good as it feels. This might be why sales for this sweater skyrocketed so much.

Buy It! Voianlimo Off-the-Shoulder Sweater in White, $16.99–$22.99;

If you take a look at the reviews, it’s easy to see how the fall staple became such a hit. Thousands of shoppers have given the sweater a five-star rating, and a big chunk of the comments talk all about how sexy yet flattering the look is in person. What’s more: The popular sweater costs less than $25.

“Beautiful dressed up or down,” wrote one five-star reviewer. “Love the fitted sleeves and loose torso. I feel confident and comfortable.”

Buy It! Voianlimo Off-the-Shoulder Sweater in Pink, $16.99–$22.99;

Reviewers say they wear the lightweight sweater everywhere from dates to the couch. One shopper even called it their “favorite cuddle buddy” for cooler months of the year. And on days when you feel like showing less skin, you can simply pull up the sweater to cover both shoulders. It’s an easy transitional piece that you can customize to your liking. 

“The fit is amazing, it’s so flattering, and long enough to wear with leggings but still adorable with jeans,” wrote another shopper. “A new favorite for sure!”

The Voianlimo sweater comes in 13 colors that are all great for this upcoming season, so why not do what other shoppers do and stock up?

Buy It! Voianlimo Off-the-Shoulder Sweater in Maroon, $16.99–$22.99;

Buy It! Voianlimo Off-the-Shoulder Sweater in Black, $16.99–$22.99;

Buy It! Voianlimo Off-the-Shoulder Sweater in Blue, $16.99–$22.99;

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