‘Satan Shoes’ delivery has New York sneakerhead in heaven

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Buyers of the notoriously hell-themed “Satan shoes” are now in heaven.

Following a Brooklyn federal judge’s Thursday ruling that sided with Nike, granting the company’s request to block the Brooklyn based agency MSCHF from distributing its demonic sneaker collaboration with rapper Lil Nas X – the limited-edition kicks feel even more like forbidden fruit.

That’s because despite Nike’s “win” all but one of the the 666 pairs had already shipped.

Mastic, Long Island-based sneakerhead Vincent Gaglione, 30, received his pair early Thursday.

“[The ruling] just gives these sneakers a little more edge,” Gaglione told The Post. “It makes them feel that much more sinful, which brings the theme to life. It was a nail biter until they arrived. Who knows if they would have stopped delivery? Once they got here, I was super relieved.”

Gaglione, the head of food services at an assisted living facility and owner of 300 pairs of kicks, said he was impressed by the $1,018 Lil Nas X creations.

“The box is awesome. It’s has a very detailed hell landscape. It’s not just a black sneaker. It is 3M material that flashes gray. You can only see that when you have them in your hand. They really put time into these,” he said.

As for the promise of a drop of human blood in ink, Gaglione can’t authenticate that detail. “But in the sole, when you turn it to one side, all of the fluid runs down.”

He thinks the resale value will continue to climb.

“The story and now the ruling makes them more desirable. I’ve seen a few eBay listings for $2,500 to $5,000 and saw posts on Facebook that people were listing them for $8,500 to $10,000.”

Gaglione will watch the market and decide whether to keep them or sell.

“I am open to the highest bidder but for me to sell them for $2,000 it wouldn’t be worth it for me. The story is worth more than that,” he said, adding, “But I am in the market to buy a house this year, so if someone were to offer $10,000, that goes a long way.”

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