Savvy DIY fan who couldn’t afford a real fireplace makes one out of cardboard – The Sun

A SAVVY DIY fan has revealed how she constructed a fake fireplace for next to nothing using carboard, newspaper and paint – and people reckon it looks just like the real thing.

Darcy Thewlis shared photos of the step-by-step process and it's hard to believe she achieved such a realistic result using a few old cardboard boxes.

Taking to the Facebook group Extreme Budget DIY & Life Hacks, she posted the photos to be admired by fellow DIY fans.

The snaps show the fireplace as it was constructed in each step of the process.

The first image shows a bare cardboard boxes taped together into a basic structure.

Darcy then cut out brick shapes made of cardboard and glued these to the structure, creating a realistic rustic texture.

To create a better base for the paint to stick to, Darcy then covered her cardboard fireplace in newspaper.

The final step was to give the whole thing a lick of stylish grey paint, finishing off the look with some white ornaments and plants.

The finished result looked stunning and proved that you don’t always need to fork out a fortune for home improvements.

Speaking to Fabulous, Darcy said: "It took three or four days in total.

"I make things all the time so I have lots of materials and craft stuff in. I got the boxes, paint and newspaper free and I spent about £5 on bits like tape and new brushes."

Many people were highly impressed at her efforts and said they wanted to try it out for themselves.

One person commented: "You are so clever- your fire place is amazing very inspiring so cute & cosy."

Another added: "Omg this is one of the best diy projects I have seen! I would never have thought to do this. It looks amazing, well done."


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