Savvy mums reveal how you can throw a spooktacular Halloween party for as little as 10p

WITH  Halloween on the horizon, many people will be planning spooky celebrations for friends and family. 

For those on a budget, it can be difficult to get through the special occasion without seeing a dent in their bank balance.

Tom Church, Co-Founder of, said: “Whether you’re shopping online or walking down the high street, there will always be a flurry of deals on festive supplies during the Halloween season. 

“However, it’s important to recognise what counts as a real deal – and what looks like a low-priced item, but is actually something you could make yourself or find elsewhere for even better value.”

Tom shared his top five tricks for making Halloween parties a budget-friendly success.

Check Out Discount Shops – Grab £1 Bargains & Save Over 50 per cent

Bargain stores will always be well kitted out for festive occasions such as Halloween. Charlea Ocean said: “[Go to a] Pound shop! Just got loads in there.” 

Chez Kendall added: “Try places like Home Bargains and B&M.”

Meanwhile, Rebecca Bairstow recommended a cheap method for decorating her windows for Halloween: “I sprayed my window with £1 snow spray and made it a Halloween theme. You could do the same on any windows. (It washes off).”

Tom commented: “Browsing the discount stores for bargains is always fun, and the best part is you can do it online if you don’t have time to go in person. For example, I recently found a 20-pack of Halloween Pumpkin buckets for under £6, saving over £50 – a great deal!”

Use Everyday Items As Decorations – It’s free!

There’s no need to buy any decorations for spooky events if you plan ahead and get creative. 

Shannon Walker said: “We decorate the room with bin bags, and then attach webs and decorations to the bin bags. 

“A full roll would do a room. We also did the stairs and made it very creepy too! And it’s sooo easy to tidy/clean as you rip them down and it all goes in the bin.”

Melanie Mason said: “Try black bin bags to cover rooms, white bin bags to make hanging ghosts with card on top to shape them, cotton wool stretched out to look like webs, string to make webs, card and bin bags for witches hats, paper plates for faces, hot dogs and sauce to make bloody fingers, and so on.”

Tom commented: “It’s easy to turn items you’d find in any home into spooky decorations with a little bit of imagination. Plus, you won’t be spending any extra money, which is always a bonus!”

Shop Smartly In Supermarkets – Make 30p Toffee Apples

It’s easy to get carried away during supermarket shops, but don’t let your party spending get out of hand. 

Carla Balfe said: “Last year during lockdown I held my own party for my girls and I went to Home Bargains, Aldi and Morrisons. My house was completely decorated and I had lots of light up objects as we turned the lights off for the effects.”

Jackie Sorrell said: “It’s worth going [to shops] a few times as one day they have one thing and may not have the next but other great stuff instead.”

Tom added: “It’s worth thinking outside the box and creating your own food instead of buying into supermarket gimmicks. 

“For example, the average price of a supermarket toffee apple is 79p, but you can buy a pack of 6 apples for the same price, golden syrup for £1 or less (if you don’t have it at home already), then combine with caster sugar (which most households will already have) to make 6 toffee apples for £1.79 – that’s around 30p an apple!”

Time Your Shopping Trips – Grab 75p Pumpkins

Rushing to the shops at the last minute could end in tears, as supplies are almost guaranteed to be scarce or non-existent. 

Carla Balfe said: “I got so much over the month and spent around £60 max. I took my children trick or treating through the house and found so many sweets.”

Amiee Tyler commented: “I normally buy Halloween stuff ready for the next year after Halloween. Buying items costing like 10p or 50p saves me so much money and makes it look amazing without spending a fortune.”

Tom added: “Timing is everything. I recommend checking out stores in the morning, as soon as they open – this is when all of the stock is being laid out and you’ll have first dibs. It’s also a good idea to check the opening hours on Google for your local branch – there will typically be a guide indicating which hours are the quietest.

“Some members have had success with going into shops at the end of the day, just before they close, if they’re looking for reduced food products. For example, I picked up Halloween pumpkins for 75p each in Morrisons last night and party food in Iceland is currently 3 for £5.”

Avoid Buying Halloween-Themed Supplies – Spend 50 per cent less

It’s tempting to head into shops for quick and easy spooky purchases, but making them at home can save a lot of money. 

Tom said: “The average price for hanging ghost garlands is £1, but these can be made at home for free by setting up a craft station with the kids and cutting paper into the right shapes, then stringing or gluing them together before pinning to the wall.

“Similarly, Halloween napkins and table covers can cost a couple of pounds each, but you can get non-themed orange, black or red napkins for half the price and still keep the Halloween vibe going. 

“Plus, instead of buying spooky Halloween balloons, you could get everyone to draw scary faces on plain balloons and make it a party game – the scariest face wins!”

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