Sci-Fi Author William Gibson Re-Enlists Buzz Rickson's for Blacked-Out Militaria

As they so often do, William Gibson and Buzz Rickson’s have reunited for another round of slick militaria, channeling the sci-fi author’s taste for incomparably high-end functional apparel into a blacked-out layering pieces. Four pricey pieces of outerwear are available this go-round, executed to uncompromising standards that retain the original details that made the original designs so useful.

Gibson and Rickson’s first linked back in 2004 after the science-fiction author shouted out the Japanese brand’s black MA-1 jacket in his book, Pattern Recognition. There was only one catch: the brand didn’t make a black MA-1. So, it reached out to Gibson to bring his idea to life; sixteen years later, the duo are not only still making all-black outerwear, but they’ve expanded the offering to tie in with the flawless militaria reproductions at the core of TOYO ENTERPRISE, Rickson’s parent company.

Fall/Winter 2020 sees the pair developing a quartet of impressively detailed garments, ranging from a M-422A aeronautics jacket to a slimmed-down M-51 parka akin to those worn by American G.I.s in the Korean War. Each is painstakingly accurate to its inspiration and realized with only the finest hardwearing textiles to create the perfect lifelong companion.

For instance, the M-422A is crafted in Japan using veg-tanned and hand-dyed goatskin, mouton shearling and nickel hardware that lives up to actual military code. Elsewhere, a black M65 field jacket sports mil spec urea hardware, a Crown aluminum spring automatic lock zipper and removable liner that can be worn as its own insulating jacket.

Peruse Gibon and Buzz Rickson’s latest collaborative wares on Clutch Cafe’s website. The M-51 Parka weighs in at $‌760 USD; the M65 with Liner at $1,300 USD; the N-3B jacket at $2,000; the M-22A leather at $2,850.

Elsewhere, military cues surfaced in Kiko Kostadinov‘s imaginative C.P. Company jacket collaboration.piece.
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