Selena Gomez shares her self-care routine, and it involves an affordable face mist

The singer shared the steps she takes to relax during an Instagram takeover.

It’s a strange time, so you may be finding yourself feeling more anxious or stressed out than normal. In honour of Mental Health Awareness Week – something that is particularly important in the current pandemic – Instagram asked Selena Gomez to host an IGTV takeover on its account.

Starting off by asking viewers how they really are, Gomez says: “I think right now is more important than ever to talk about mental health which is a subject that is very personal to me.”

The singer frequently uses her platform to discuss mental health. Last month, Gomez spoke openly about being diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Appearing on Miley Cyrus’ Instagram Live show Bright Minded, she explained that it helped her understand more about her anxiety and depression.

During the IGTV video, Gomez takes viewers through what helps her to stay positive during this time at home. Importantly, she notes: “There isn’t really one easy way to get through all of this or even just to kind of tackle mental health in general.” Listing some of the things that help her, Gomez mentions Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) books, getting creative in her makeshift music studio and playing piano.

In the evening, Gomez runs through the last part of her routine: the “unwinding process”.

“So I usually take a walk at night because I can get rid of the day a bit,” she says. “And then I come home, take a shower, wash my face, and then when I get into bed  – my friends laugh at me  – but I have a heating pad. It’s almost like an anxiety blanket, it feels really nice.”

Like many of us, Gomez also relies on soothing scents and products to help create a calming atmosphere. “I have these beautiful little face sprays, rosewater and a candle to help me as well.”

As she showcases her bedside table, Gomez picks up her face mist; Heritage Store’s Rosewater & Glycerin spray, £7.79.

Rosewater, a by-product of the rose oil extraction process, is effective at reviving dull skin and reducing inflammation, while also helping to control oil production. Plus, the smell is incredibly relaxing.

Gomez then says she gets into bed with her dog Daisy, turns off her electronics and relaxes before sleeping. Sounds like a pretty effective way to practise some self-care and self-love. Something we all need to be doing right now. 

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