Storm Reid Is My Stay Home Style Crush, and My Closet Knows I'm Taking Notes

And, on Occasion, Dresses Up in Something More Romantic

I can’t be the only one who has watched Storm Reid noshing on her toast in a blue floral Aritzia top, jamming out to “If It Isn’t Love” by New Edition 1,427 times. Someone else is with me, right?! The 16-year-old Euphoria actress, activist, and “fashionista,” as she calls herself, currently has one million followers on Instagram, and I am one of those true fans — dedicated to watching every Instagram Story she posts and tuning in to see which outfit she’ll wear next.

It’s not just because she’s beautiful, relatable, focused on spreading light and positive energy, and willing to cherish the good in the world (like her relationship with her mom, who she dresses up with frequently), it’s because I sit here like a cheese ball with a big toothy grin on my face replaying her content over and over again. Somehow, she’s been getting me through this lockdown and these last few weeks of disappointing world events.

That being said, I’m looking at her today with a fashion lens, because her wardrobe is exactly what I want to be wearing. Storm rotates from her workout outfits, many of which are courtesy of Outdoor Voices, to her beautiful tops and printed dresses that are striking, yet comfortable.

Her marigold ribbed tank comes with a sash that wraps around the mid-section and complements her metallic scrunchie to just the right note, rather than coming off as too matchy-matchy. Scrunchies? Ribbed crop tops? Yup, that’s the stuff I’ve been reaching for. Plus, I’m an athlete, and nothing motivates me more than a cute spandex set, because at the end of the day, I’m a fashion person too. Me and Storm, we’re like two peas in a pod. Storm, are we best friends yet?

Nothing excited me more than when Storm posted a photo of her weekend look alongside her mom, who joined her in high-top Nikes and gold hoops. And when she graduated high school wearing an affordable avocado dress — on sale for under $100, mind you! — I just about lost it. I mean, I’m really not interested in any other style situations than the one Storm Reid’s got going on in her closet. Scroll down to see why I wrote this little ode to her vibe, as if you needed any more proof that Storm knows just what to put on right now.

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