Stumped mum asks for help on her child’s maths homework – but it's actually pretty simple

IT'S been a long time since many of us have practised maths on a daily basis, so when our kids need help with their homework it might take a minute to come to terms with what's ACTUALLY being asked.

One mum had this very issue, and despite it being simple multiplication, she was left scratching her head, baffled by the complicated set of questions.

She shared a snap of the schoolwork to Facebook group Parenting On A Budget, and pleaded with group members to help her work it out.

The mum said: "Trying to help with home work. I have no idea? Any help please."

The schoolwork included three maths questions all based around times tables.

The first included a set of tables filled with groups of coloured dots, each in sets of five, which asked: "What numbers are represented?"

The second part of the question askes you to fill in the missing word and reads: "The numbers are all X of five."

The final question includes a number track and challenges kids to fill in the missing numbers, which appear to be in multiples of six.

But it seems other parents caught on pretty quickly admitting it wasn't very difficult at all- with many sharing the answer in the comments.

An overwhelming response indicated that the first two questions reflected the five times tables while the third was counting in multiples of six.

"5, 10, 15, 20. All multiples of 5. Bottom one is 6 times table," one person answered.

While another agreed saying: "Top one is count the dots, Middle answer is multiples of 5, Bottom is 6 times table."

A couple explained that the design of the question was just another way to represent basic multiplication and to get kids thinking about it a different way.

After getting help with the homework, the mum thanked everyone who gave their advice.

She wrote: "Thank you all. Dreading high school maths homework."

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