Super organised mum reveals her top tricks to keeping every part of her home decluttered & budget buys she swears by

AN ORGANISED mum-of-two has shared her top tricks to making every corner of her home decluttered and clean. 

Steph Pase, 30, from Sydney, started out by buying several bargain organisation products from Ikea and eBay among others. 

In a TikTok video, she showed how she used a cutlery divider for her beauty products, a bracelet holder for hair bobbles and a magazine holder for post.

Meanwhile, in the fridge, Steph bought a lazy Susan to organise her condiments – and in the UK, mums are going wild for this rotating Poundland spice rack.

She also has a drawer labelled "use me first" to put any leftovers in so they don't get forgotten.

What's more, Stephanie uses different plastic containers for her dairy, meat and family lunches so she can easily see what's in her fridge.

In order to store wrapping paper, she bought a $2 (£1.10) plastic bag dispenser from Ikea. 

And her messy junk drawer was made to look pristine thanks to another cutlery organiser. 

Other hacks include buying a document holder to store puzzles, and a lid container for grocery bags. 

And instead of shoving all her lotions and potions underneath her bathroom sink, Stephanie has also divided her products into categories and put them in Ikea boxes.

Each weekend, she restocks all of the washing powder jars, writes down the meals her family will eat that week and folds all her kids’ clothes. 

On top of this, Stephanie keeps a "don't forget" list where she writes down any outstanding household tasks.

"This is my declutter list and like to-do list," she said. "Either Ryan and I would try and do one of these things a week or a day depending on how busy we are."

Twice a year, Stephanie will do a big "declutter" of her clothes to keep her wardrobe tidy.

Talking through her method, she said: "I like to ask myself, 'have I worn this in the last three to six months?', 'if I saw this in a store, would I buy it?' and 'do I know someone that would get more used out of this than me?'

"With those questions, you can kind of determine if you really need that top and you'll probably find each time you cull, you'll keep looking at the same top and that will end up going."

After creating a donation pile, Stephanie then categorises her accessories and her husband's work shifts in labelled boxes she bought from IKEA.

Showing off her husband's wardrobe system, the mum said: "This is kind of like his 'wear again' tub so these are clothes he usually wears again and then throws them in there. I just find it is a lot neater than having shelves with just clothes thrown on them."

The neat home has been dubbed as “organisation heaven” by other parents on social media, and it’s not hard to see why.

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